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biggest animal in the world
The largest of all land animals was, of course, a dinosaur. The largest single-stem tree by wood volume and mass is the giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), native to Sierra Nevada and California; it typically grows to a height of 70–85 m (230–280 ft) and 5–7 m (16–23 ft) in diameter.. The whale shark happens to be the most colossal living fish underwater. It has a truly majestic blue color when underwater, however, it turns more into mottled blue-grey when on the surface. It is considered to be the largest mammal ever lived ! WATCH: Worlds Largest Blue Whale Ever – Discovered in Sri Lanka. Argentinosaurus was a genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur that roamed South America in the Late Cretaceous. East African Giraffe (Photo Credit: giraffeconservation.org). Funny thing is, hippos are actually semi-aquatic mammals, meaning they spend a … It weighs about 180 tonnes and spans in length to about 98 ft. that’s equivalent to the height of a 30 m high-rise building when stretched vertically. The tongue of a blue whale can lift a full-sized elephant and hurl it up right into the middle of the ocean without summoning all of its energy. Ostrich (Photo Credit: Mint Images RF / Getty). Its eyes are the biggest in the animal kingdom, bigger than the size of a 32-inch football and reaching about 25 cm in diameter. These days, thanks to whale hunters targeting the larger members of the species, blue whales generally only grow up to about 80 feet in length. The hippo is found majorly in Africa across 29 nations. This massive whale roams the world’s deepest seas, traveling between the Pacific, Atlantic, and Antarctic oceans. This bird weighs about 156 kg and its eyes which is about 5 cm in size is the largest eyes seen on any mammal on land. This animal is also timid like the whale and lives at the depth of the ocean around 1000m. RELATED: Top 10 Most Spoken Languages In India. Obedience Ekwe is a talented writer and his love for words had inspired the development of his writing skills in various niches. The Antarctic blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus ssp. These animals can grow up to 167 centimeters in length and 30 pounds in weight. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. There’s an incredibly detailed list of some of the world’s largest organisms (including plants, fungi, bacteria, etc.) This animal can be found all over the world. The birds are not left out when it comes to prodigious sized creatures. The broad, flat-headed mammal prefers to stay alone or in … Blue Whale: “The Winged Whisperer of Ocean” Whales are one of the largest animals to be living on the face of Earth. The bulk of their weight lies in the deposit of fats in their bodies, more importantly for the polar bear who needs the fat to adapt to its frigging sub-zero temperatures at the Artic Circle. Log in, By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. At 14 ft. tall, this monster of an animal is almost unsinkable in its river habitat. It was 60 feet long, 20 feet high, weighed almost 10 metric tons. It stands at a height of 19 ft. (5.8 m), its neck alone is the height of an ideal tall guy at 6 ft. (1.8 m). Contrary to popular belief that the giant squid is largest in the squid family, the colossal squid is actually the biggest. © 2013 - 2020 Hynaija. 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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog, Top 10 Ways to Make your Garden more Wildlife Friendly, Top 10 Things to Think about Before Buying Fish, Top 10 Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Traveller, Top 10 Animals Endangered by Climate Change, Top 10 Animals with the Most Unusual Mating Tactics. The Blue Whale is by far the largest animal in the world ever recorded. If this animal was alive today, it would certainly enjoy snacking humans. The African Elephant (Photo Credit: Pixabay). The close rival of the green anaconda in the reptile class is the reticulated python which can rival victoriously in length but with the weight of the green anaconda resting on its giant girth put into consideration, it’s twice heavier than the python and so undoubtedly becomes the largest snake in the world. Some of our website features may not function as a result. When God decided to crossbreed between the elephant and the seal, this mammoth creature was the result. Brown and Polar Bears (Photo Credit: dpa). Found in sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s second largest land animal. The Blue Whale is classified among the Baleen Whales, and filters up to four tons of Krill a day out of the frigid ocean waters for food. These huge herbivores are estimated to have reached lengths between 98 and 115 feet (30 and 35 meters) and weights between 88–110 short tons (80–100 metric tons) . The sea has no monopoly on the largest creatures in the world. The Blue Whale (Photo Credit: novinite.com). Its weight alone is enough to sink some water logged soils and her trunk is her most powerful weapon. All rights reserved. When the ostrich stands, it measures at a height of 9 ft. (2.7 m) that’s about the highest height any human could possibly attain. 10. An adult hippo can weigh up to 4 tons, while a baby hippo can weigh about a thousand pounds. The Blue Whale has an undeniable and intimidating presence under water. A blue calf is approximately 26 feet (8 m) long and weighs about 8,000 pounds (3,629 kg), according to the World Wildlife Fund. The whale sharks are an endangered species which too many predators rendering them extinct. Giraffe We know it might seem almost too obvious, but the Giraffe entered the list of the world’s greatest creatures due to its incredible height.
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