Neumann TLM103 // Beyerdynamic: M160 ribbons matched pair, M88, M201, MD421 // AKG 214 Matched Pair // Solomon Mics LoFReQ // Sennheiser e906 // SE Electronics SE5 matched Pair // Shure: Beta 52, Beta 91, Beta 58, Beta 57, SM96a, SM58 (x4), SM57 (x3) // … Frequency range: 30 Hz - 15 kHz. beyerdynamic M 160 Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone. €251.09. Not as much bottom end, and more hi mids. Other: (1) AKG C400BL. In the recording studio, the M 160 is recommended for miking instruments such as violins, violas, cellos, pianos, and saxophones, as well as for hi hat and toms. Matched pair. Updated 2016. This is a set of the Beyerdynamic M160 Matched Stereo Pair Ribbon Microphones, 50th Anniversary Edition.Beyer only made 200 of these sets in 2007 and they come in the limited silver color.These are in truly excellent condition, no marks or scratches at all, and have been well cared for. MM 1 Condenser Measurement Microphone (Omnidirectional) €220.84. TG i53 Stereo set. 2 190 € ... beyerdynamic M160 FetAmp Bundle. The M160 is an unusual ribbon microphone, in that it has a hypercardioid pickup pattern. From hi-hats and overheads to percussion, string and brass instruments and even choir singing - this condenser microphone with its subtle treble … A list of the 7 best ribbon mics including: Royer 121, 101, SF-12, Avantone Audio CR-14, AEA R84, AT4081, and Beyerdynamic M160. (Matched Pair w/ Stereo Bar) (2) Royer 121 (1) Beyerdynamic M160. Tubes: (2) Neumann U67 (1) Neumann SM-2 (Stereo) (2) Lawson L47 (1) Avatar A76 Custom (1) Jurgensmeyer JMT-200. The M160's will sound brighter than the Royer or Coles. The Royers (r121) are somewhere in between but somehow don't sound as detailed as the 4038s (in the bottom or mids) or the Beyer (in the mids and hi mids). Beyerdynamic's M 160 is a dynamic double ribbon microphone featuring a hypercardioid polar pattern, effective for all types of remote and in studio voice reproduction. The Coles have a much bigger bottom end, good mid range detail but not as present as the M160's. Matched pair . Personal Cue System: (6) Aviom ll (16 Channel) Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones The very wide frequency response of the TG I53 opens up a variety of possible applications. The M160 has two ribbons, mounted back-to-front just 0.5mm apart. It is often paired with the M130 for mid-side stereo applications, in which the bidirectional M130 captures the “side” channel, and the M160 captures the “mid.”. Figure of 8 characteristic.
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