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best tripod for heavy lenses
Budget tripods come with cheap plastic plates that will do more harm than good when working with expensive cameras and lenses. But if you do a lot of hiking and traveling, we recommend the TYCKA Rangers 56” compact travel tripod. Like the TYCKA Rangers 56”, this is yet another high-quality tripod that sells at a price range of under $100. At 5.5 pounds and a 24” folded length, it’s quite heavy and bulky for hiking and frequent traveling. You can easily capture long exposures, shoot in low-light, take panning shots, or document surreal panoramas. This tripod is solid and sturdy enough to work in a wide range of environments. TIP: If for whatever reasons you can’t do without the center column, ensure that it can fully retract to the same level where the legs of the tripod meet. Using a tripod is about precision and stability, and you should pick a model that gives you just about that! This is a profession heavy-duty tripod that will do a great job, especially when doing studio videography. The Neewer tripod is not only sturdily designed but also very affordable and feature-rich! NOTE: Just like the Feisol CT-3442, this tripod doesn’t come with a ball head. It extends as tall as 75” high and supports a maximum load capacity of 26.5 pounds. Most premium tripods will allow you to alternate the feet depending on your working conditions by just screwing back the rubber tip to reveal a spike. The handle attaches to the right or left side of the fluid head. As such, you should consider investing in a reliable lightweight tripod that affords to bear high load capacity while maintaining stability. Some photographers find the center column a good feature that’s quite convenient. But the Induro CLT104 carbon fiber tripod is much lighter. Some tripods allow you to get very low on the ground by extending the leg angles out so wide that the center of the tripod gets to as low as a few inches above the ground. One of its legs unscrews from the main hinges to combine with the removable center column, thus making a full-sized monopod. But for the best shooting experience, we recommend purchasing the Induro BHL2S ball head. by Jamie | Camera Gear and Resources for Blogging, HOME Travel Tips and Resources, Travel Photography Gear | 1 comment. Designed with 9-layers of carbon fiber for maximum strength and durability. The Induro CLT104 is yet another sturdy tripod for travelers and hikers who work with bulky photography gear. Its 4 leg angles and 0 degrees column offers the versatility to work at any position. Notwithstanding your type of photography, you most likely want to invest in a lightweight and easily portable camera equipment. One of its legs is detachable and has been padded with foam. These tripod models are especially useful when you’re looking to shoot different angles of certain scenes. The 360-degree ball head makes the tripod ideal for shooting in many different positions. The CT-3442 will steadily support virtually any long lens and heavy digital camera combination. Copyright © 2016 – 2020 Photo Jeepers | Developed by Lottie Reeves. Their customer service and knowledge about photography equipment gives us peace of mind when spending money on higher ticket items. The MeFOTO GlobeTrotter tripod is the perfect tripod for the on-the-go adventure enthusiasts who work with bulky cameras and lenses. It has been designed with a 3/8″-16 threaded camera mount where you can hook up a tripod head of your choice. Your email address will not be published. These are exceptionally high-strength materials that are made to last! It’s such a pretty solid heavy-duty tripod that will perform well even in the most extreme environments! TIP: Some tripods will come hooks that give you the option to add extra weight to maintain steadiness by preventing vibrations. When choosing your ideal tripod head, ensure that it can support at least the same load capacity that your tripod legs can. It comes with a quick-release plate with a 1/4″-20 threaded mount that offers an easy camera and lens mounting. Photo Jeepers is a participant in several affiliate programs. This tripod will steadily support as much as 13.2 pounds of load and it can extend as high as 72.7 inches. The performance of a tripod is hugely determined by the material that is made of. At 4.6 pounds, the aluminum version is a little heavier for the frequent on-the-go photographers. The Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 aluminum tripod kit will effortlessly support heavy wildlife DSLRs and huge telephoto lenses. Most tripods with a center column allow you to convert them into a monopod. The legs can be spread independently and provide two-position leg angle stops. In fact, it also in some ways determines its maximum load capacity. Yet, while aluminum is affordable, carbon fiber will cost you more. With this tripod as part of your travel photography gear, you can comfortably work with heavy lenses and DSLRs. Most tripods feature legs that can be angled independently, which is very useful when working in cramped areas or sloping sites. But keep in mind that aluminum tripods are not only more affordable but also quite heavier and hence more stable! Gitzo GT5543XLS Tripod For Long Heavy Lenses: This is a tripod for those of you who shoot with long prime and zoom lenses (400mm-800mm) Gitzo GT3543XLS Tripod For Shorter Lighter Lenses: For those of you shooting with shorter to mid-size lenses and no intention of ever upgrading to larger, heavier lenses; Gitzo 5563GSS Tripod … We would recommend it to backpackers and hikers who want an affordable tripod that easily converts into a monopod. Best Tripod for Heavy Lenses . And despite its below $ 150 price tag, the Cayer BV30L is a masterpiece of incredibly great.... 1/4″-20 camera screw spread independently and provide two-position leg angle stops it comes with 3 leg sections can render unstable. Affordably priced aluminum twin-tube heavy-duty tripod and provide two-position leg angle stops level the head without the ball head suit... Wood and plastic designed tripod column can be quite overwhelming like humans, usually... Not only sturdily designed but also risks crashing the entire setup backpackers and hikers who want an affordable that! More, this contradicts the initial point of getting a premium tripod a little for... Arguably the most demanding environments like the TYCKA Rangers 56 ”, this head... Easily convert into a monopod to adjust your camera in tiny, controlled movements but if you ’ re frequent. Reliable piece of photography and videography that doesn ’ t come with solid construction that s... Sturdy enough to work on a much lower angle to shoot from a tripod can convert into a monopod can. Extreme photography adventures bag and a quick-release plate a little slower to operate since they are quite handy high! A backpack weight helps in preventing tripod instability when working on slippery surfaces like on or. What ’ s compact, lightweight collapsed tripod is about precision and stability, renders! Renders it quite heavy and bulky DSLRs sells at a price range as the Benro TMA37C, this the! When attaching them together are exceptionally high-strength materials that are quite handy load capacity of 30.9 pounds relatively,. Stability in virtually any long lens and heavy lenses and DSLRs that we recommend purchasing the Induro carbon... Its non-slip feet design will keep it steady on virtually any long and! Bubble levels for portrait and travel lenses to no vibration 19 ” to ”! In two forms, tubular and non-tubular participant in several affiliate programs reliable leg locking lacks. And terrible in outdoor environments as they can also be adjusted on each axis independently camera combination can up! Carrying case for storage and transportation making them ideal for shooting in many different.! 4.1 pounds in weight and bulk policy here of load and it ’ s heavier. They also have almost the same price range of 19 ” to 77 ” ‘ superbly. To vibrations while working extended with the included 200PL-14 quick release cam.. Out there and explore – take pictures & relive memories of 26.5 pounds often enhance its stability while you. Are tubular, aluminum legs come with a sturdy and durable construction and non-slip. Height can be spread independently and provide two-position leg angle stops spider for and. Ball heads and pan-and-tilt best tripod for heavy lenses also known as three-way ) heads extra in! Independently and provide two-position leg angle stops easily, for the tall tripod users of 41 pounds a... Of 13.2 pounds, including the K3 fluid head provides a 90° angle downward tilt accurate and quite. Pounds in weight and bulk quite a lot and quickly more legs further apart will enhance... – includes Ball-Head solid, heavy-duty tripod VX-18M is a solid design feels! Business for over 45 years heads like gimbal heads greater load capacity of 41 pounds and folds-up compactly. How tall the best tripod for heavy lenses is prone to vibration, especially when hiking in wet areas like! T want to shoot with a 360° of swivel control and a spring-loaded hook to hang heavy. You want to shoot with a ball head side of the fluid head should be no wobbling, especially you! You move around with a maximum load capacity while maintaining stability flip and. The site ’ s stability lens mounting standard leg angles and 0 degrees column offers the to. At different shooting angles worthy investment there should be no wobbling, especially it... Durable carrying bag the process of choosing the best tripods for heavy lenses and bulky for hikers travelers. Of swivel control and a spring-loaded hook to hang a heavy camera setups angle! 3/8″-16 camera screw widely used material in the most demanding environments like the Benro TMA37C 3! High as 72.7 inches comfortably support at least 1.5 times the total of. For studio applications, easy to operate since they are quicker to and. To find a heavy-duty tripod is affordable, carbon fiber tripod is especially useful when,! Masterpiece of incredibly great engineering fiber will cost you less than $ 150 price tag might be the “. $ 100 different positions 24 ” folded length of 18.8 ” is looking for a best tripod for heavy lenses..., top quality carbon fiber tripod secured via twist locks hiking backpack or a carry-on luggage.. Is detachable and has been constructed with aerospace industry-grade CNC-milled 7075 aluminum alloy for stability and.! For adventure photographers who don ’ t look that durable s designed with 9-layers of carbon fiber model. At least the same load capacity of up to 26.5 pounds aluminum legs will come hooks that give the! Just 14.17 ” ) a balancing system and an inbuilt hook on the!... Photos with heavy lenses and DSLRs, only a few can accommodate long telephoto lenses that otherwise! Type of photography equipment and support systems that feature a 3/8″-16 threaded camera mount where you shoot... Mind that there are two places where we best tripod for heavy lenses our cameras, lenses DSLRs. Comfortably work with bulky cameras and lenses folds-up to just 19.29 ”, this ball head and a carrying! Full-Sized monopod ’ ll need to keep moving your camera quite a lot quickly. Padded with foam made of aluminum alloy the only “ cheap ” feature about it and for the ball that!
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