The result is a strange Arkestrated R&B that sounds both ancient and futuristic. Featuring Ra playing a Hohner Clavinet (or Solar Sound Instrument as he called it) the mood here is thick with inventive twists and turns that are swept along by a tsunami of dislocated rhythm, textures and un-caged jazz motifs. To make it easy for you, we haven't included Sun Ra singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. Few, however, could have foreseen the dramatic musical change that Ra had in mind when composing this music, a senses altering series of sonic experiments that took his music to another level of creativity. Such was the musical excellence of the Arkestra that they could naturally cross over into unknown musical territory. Super-Sonic Jazz. Sun Ra best albums Lanquidity. Jazz In Silhouette. Ten Essential Sun Ra Albums Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Sun Ra was one of the most inventive and controversial musicians of the 20th century. Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy / Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow. El Saturn LP (1977) Atavistic CDApart from two extraordinary Ra abstractions, this set from 1977 is mostly made up of standards featuring the tenor playing of John Gilmore and Ra on piano. or "What are the top Sun Ra albums?" then this list will answer your questions. A stand-out track from one of Sun Ra’s best and most epochal albums, 1959’s Jazz in Silhouette, the nine-minute opus opens up the Arkestra’s vistas with … List RulesThis list includes studio albums only, so if you add an album make sure it's a proper studio release. Among the usual Ra regulars was guest trumpeter Eddie Gale . Evidence (1996) CDAs well as recording and releasing albums, Ra’s El Saturn label also produced limited quantities of 7-inch singles in an attempt to break through into the mainstream. | All rights reserved. This Sun Ra discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Sun Ra albums can be found at the top of the list. Atlantis. 0208 677 0012, © MA Music, Leisure & Travel Ltd El Saturn LP (1969) Evidence CDIn his liner notes to this record Sun Ra warns his listeners that: “The past is dead, and those who are following the past are doomed to die and be like the past.” Ra had no room for passengers as he set the controls for his latest space jazz adventure, and as the epic title track clearly demonstrates he also had no intention of altering his course. Start your journey and discover the very best music from around the world. (A part of the Art Yard’s extended two-disc version of this classic is the one to hunt down if you feel tempted. Strange Strings is a renowned Ra classic that has since been extended by the release of the Roaratorio label’s Other Strange Worlds, an album made up of newly discovered recordings from the Strange Strings session. Sun Ra – Lanquidity. Lanquidity. Armed with such exotic instruments as sky tone drums and astro space organ – together with a space echo treatment through which most of the music was channelled – Ra and his Arkestra explore the outer limits of cosmic improvisation and return with an album that (as its Freudian title suggests) invites the listener to discover their musical inner id. El Saturn LP (1963) Evidence CDBy now Sun Ra’s music was entering realms of new discovery that few jazz aficionados could comfortably take on board. High points include the Moog infected ‘Astro Black’ (originally released on ABC/Impulse! ), the Egyptian groove moving through ‘Ancient Aiethiopa’ and a powerfully performed ‘Rocket Number Nine Take Off For Planet Venus’. Tracks: Where Is Tomorrow?, New Day, Looking Outward, Tracks: Twin Stars of Thence, That's How I Feel, There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You of), Genres (Music): Jazz, Jazz fusion, Experimental music, Avant-garde jazz, Tracks: Fate in a Pleasant Mood, Kingdom of Thunder, Space Mates, Tracks: Demon's Lullaby, Urnack, Angels and Demons at Play, Tracks: Portrait of the Living Sky, Super Blonde, Soft Talk, Tracks: A Bird's Eye View of Man's World, Dance of the Living Image, Narrative, Tracks: The Ridiculous "I" and the Cosmos Me, Space Is the Place, Would I for All That Were, Tracks: Sound Spectra / Spec Sket, Other Planes of There, Spiral Galaxy, Tracks: Retrospect, Sometimes I'm Happy, Nameless One No. Since hailed as an overlooked masterpiece, Jazz In Silhouette perfectly encapsulates how the Arkestra would remain faithful to the jazz tradition of Duke Ellington and Fletcher Henderson, but also be looking toward the future of the music they had studied and mastered under Ra’s precise tutelage. Super Sonic Jazz (1957) This was the first full album release for Alton Abraham and Sun Ra’s El Saturn Records label. The rest of the group make contributions, but it is mostly Ra and Gilmore who are to the fore, especially on a masterful rendition of John Coltrane’s ‘My Favorite Things’ that closely mirrors the dynamic joy and energy of the original quartet’s recording. Length (mins): 00:49:32 The Night of the Purple Moon. Sun Ra And His Arkestra. ESP-Disk LP (1973)Performed at New York City’s Town Hall on December 22nd 1973, this live recording for the passing by of the comet Kohoutek over Planet Earth is a wild and varied celebration that is often overlooked. El Saturn LP (1965) Evidence CDMade up of four multi-dimensional sounding pieces of music, The Magic City is partly Sun Ra’s reflection on the city of Birmingham, Alabama where he was born and raised. Nuclear War. Angels and Demons at Play. Strut/Art Yard CD/2-LP (2014)Presented by current Arkestra bandleader Marshall Allen, this chart-entering collection of prime Sun Ra compositions spans almost his entire career and acts as the ideal introduction to the man and his mystical musical universe. 2, Tracks: We Travel the Spaceways, New Horizons, Space Loneliness, Tracks: Disco 3000, Dance of the Cosmo-Aliens, Friendly Galaxy, Tracks: Saturn Research, Twigs at Twilight, Constellation, Tracks: Kosmos in Blue, Solar Drums, Ankh, Tracks: Hour of Parting, Back in Your Own Backyard, 'Round Midnight, Tracks: Blue Differentials, Monorails and Satellites, The Alter Destiny, Tracks: Cluster of Galaxies, Solar Drums, Infinity of the Universe, Tracks: Realm of Lightning, Spectrum, Adventures of Bugs Hunter, Tracks: Say, Celestial Road, I'll Wait for You, Tracks: Sunset on the Night on the River Nile, Stardust From Tomorrow, Time After Time, Tracks: Hours After, Dance of the Extra Terrestrians, But Not for Me, Tracks: The Magic City, Abstract 'I', The Shadow World. “An important album for me after Dingwalls and going into ‘That’s How It Is’ at … Replete with its distinctive cover art, depicting semi-naked space sirens levitating over a lunar landscape, here was jazz that looked and sounded alien (yet somehow strangely familiar) to a late 1950s audience – but stranger sounds were yet to come. This is one of Sun Ra’s best produced albums and also his funkiest and spaciest in a more conventional sense. The Magic City. El Saturn LP (1966) Atavistic CDFurther experimentation in the studio produced this astonishing project. This article originally appeared in the Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 issue of Jazzwise. The Antique Blacks. Here are 10 key recordings plucked by Edwin Pouncey from Ra’s enormous discography that continues to yield up new discoveries and lost musical treasures to this day. Worth getting also for Ra’s cash-in Batman tribute ‘I’m Gonna Unmask The Batman’ and a shimmering version of Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls Of Fire’. St. Louis Blues(1978) -- solo piano, a really fine studio recording, a little more inside than his more 'out' solo piano dates from the mid 60's.
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