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best ipa beer 2019
At a time when the Chicago hazy scene is growing in acclaim, Maplewood’s hazies stand alongside the best of the bunch.” Read more about this beer in our Great American Beer Festival coverage. Even The Rock reportedly sends someone to wait in line for this beer. You can change the ingredients, you can make it simpler or heavier, you can make it crisper or softer… but as long as the basic formula is the same, we will love it no matter what. “This year, we got our hands on DDH Nova Vert courtesy of Tavour, mailed out impressively shortly after its bottling. Although many Los Angeles-area breweries are still pretty staunchly West Coast style, this New England-style IPA from Brouwerij West bucks the trend and nails it. We stop what we’re doing, hop in the car, and make sure to grab as much as we can before it sells out. It’s an… This is not only the best non-alcoholic IPA we’ve tasted this year, it’s also a good IPA, period. Our first visit to Other Half in 2019 did not disappoint, and the DDH Daydream in Green lived up to the hype– it’s a creamy, full-bodied grenade of orange, lemon, mango, and grass clippings. Kros Strain IPAs have been named our Best of Nebraska for two years running, and Fairy Nectar London DDH is a mango and melon explosion the likes of which could hang with the best IPAs in any state. (Also, like pizza slices, it’s difficult to have just one IPA.) By far the booziest IPA on this list, it holds its alcohol well. "IPAs are so hot right now!" Bale Breaker Brewing– Citra Slicker Wet Hop IPA. They also brought a wonderful hazy, the Old Fogey, that struck a fine chord between its bright fruitiness and its dank hoppiness. Like many of the other Mumford winners, it’s rich, smooth, hoppy, and fruity, without ever getting too sweet. Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted IPA (2) 2. “Turning Point’s Kama Citra is a single-hopped NE IPA featuring, you guessed it, Citra hops. It’s a smooth citrus crusher and another insanely high quality IPA from some of the best IPA manufacturers in America.” Read more about this beer in our Best Beer From Each of the Fifty States list. V7 was our favorite, making this an unusually berry-forward IPA with a nice dry finish. If you’ve never heard of Brink, they’ve won the Very Small Brewery of the Year award at GABF for *two years in a row. From their saison to their chili stout to their best-in-state Scotch ale, we loved it all– and their IPA #5 earned its way onto this list, boasting tremendous balance between tropical juice, deep dankness, and bitter bite. This Bend, Ore.-born IPA is boldly hoppy by design. You’ll also find lists of breweries for a number of cities, lists which include valuable research like whether they serve food and what their hours of operation are. “It’s so refreshing,” one taster said. Begyle is easily one of the most impressive breweries in Chicago, a city stacked with impressive breweries. Coronado swims under the radar when it comes to IPA conversations, but don’t sleep on it. Sun-gold liquid and a sweet, perfumey aroma lead into a silky, mandarin- and tangerine-flavored body, plus notes of juicy pineapple. Well, once you’ve had Kros Strain’s IPAs, you’ll no longer be surprised. Limiting ourselves to just one choice for this list, we’ll pick Low Viz, because any time a triple IPA is this juicy and smooth, it feels like a dream come true. “It’s like drinking a cocktail rather than a beer,” one panelist said. The spicy, fruity Belgian yeast marries fruity aromas with dry refreshment. Bottle Logic is also on our list for the second consecutive year. It has “freshly baked bread” and “fresh-squeezed orange juice” on the nose. Also like our other lists, we’re only allowing ourselves to put one beer per brewery. This raises the question: what style *can’t* Brink master? Share your secrets with the rest of the world, Ology! We probably drank more Head in the Clouds than literally *any other beer* in 2019. Producing one session IPA that has remained consistently delicious over the course of five years. Check out our lists of the best sour beers of 2019, the best stouts of 2019 and our favorite beers in each of the fifty states— and keep an eye out for what we have in store in 2020! “Snoop Dogg would approve, not just of the smell, but also of how hard Buds Best brings that West Coast funk. When you see the list of 2019’s Best Beers in America, two things are very clear: all hail Michigan beer and long live the IPA beer style. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-2106663178089717", That way, you can make your own hop! Brewed on the South Shore of Long Island, N.Y., it has grown from hard-to-find jackpot to grocery store standby. Adroit Theory– Heaving Through Corrupted Lungs. Julius is the quintessential juicy IPA — and, to our memory, it was one of the first IPAs referred to as “juice,” with fans rushing to social media to post photos of the beer alongside peaches, oranges, bananas, and blenders.
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