The power of our actions and investment into the moral and ethical education of students will pay dividends because you create more than knowledge; you arm students with the power of goodness and kindness, which far supersede any other score. The daily dose of reported violence, apathy, offense, and divisiveness has desensitized us to the deterioration of moral character. Choosing examples or opportunities for your students to intertwine content with principled foundations proves impactful for students. On several occasions, I have seen a teacher apologize for a wrongdoing towards a child. Morality can be defined as a system of ideas about right and wrong conduct. In short, it enables us to live together and, while doing so, improve the conditions under which we live. With social contract theory, citizens seek to find fair and just treatment in society. Moral values help humans to make the right choices and determine the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Moral values are essential for human relationships … These values can include things such as being respectful, acting selflessly and being honest. It is significant to teach students to press through difficult tasks. When students make a mistake, do not ignore it; instead, allow them to grow through it. What then? All rights reserved. What are Moral Values? We need a little less TikTok and a little more Mr. Rogers. Ethical reasoning assumes that everyone will make choices that will cause no harm. Education is not the same field it was in previous decades; yet we are focusing on all the wrong things. When someone argues against abortion-on-demand or the legalization of marijuana, it’s an oft-repeated retort from libertarians and the Left: “Well, you can’t legislate morality.” Morals are proper for everyone, and since they are based on metaphysics, and metaphysics transcends differences, they are also cross cultural. Teachers are heroes in the eyes of their students. When a student does not meet the expectation, whether it be behavioral or academic, take the time to allow students to correct mistakes. Morality (as a system) benefits everyone because the overall advantages gained (e.g., trust, security, fair treatment) outweigh whatever minor disadvantages may be encountered as a result. Morality is a potent factor when it comes to evaluating others on a global level. Simplifying greatly, it seems to me that morality helps to provide security to members of the community, create stability, ameliorate harmful conditions, foster trust, and facilitate cooperation in achieving shared or complementary goals. Values can determine how people interact with others, how they react to bad situations, the kinds of jobs they have and how they are seen by those close to them. The students brought in pet food and supplies and donated them. In the hallways, PLCs, faculty meetings, and parent-teacher conferences, I constantly hear how kids are not motivated, but in return, what I want to say is we have not taught nor expected grit from students today. It helps people become healthier, more educated, more loving of God and neighbor, and better at making moral decisions. Good relationships, strong marriages, professional success, motivation to do better, being a respectful and well-liked person can all be attributed to practicing moral values. Hence, regardless of how one evaluates the importance of individuals acting morally under all circumstances, morality remains a crucial component of societies, and moral rules must (at least generally) be followed for societies to exist and confer benefits … Moral values help in shaping the character and personality of an individual. "To be "moral" is to act with mutual concern for your own happiness and the happiness of others. Rather than focusing on what is not going well, praise the positive. Moral values help in improving behavior, instilling respect and enhancing relationships with others. Yet, in a society that values standardized test scores over character education, quickly eliminating the social interactions that build integrity for hours spent with artificial intelligence is creating a culture that idolizes a filtered social media post over giving an undocumented hand to those in need. Moral standards make sense in a person’s culture. What are Moral Values? Being considered moral is important in being respected by others. Advantages of Ethical Reasoning. They added together the supplies and the cost of the supplies to incorporate math skills. Moral values not only help people to lead good, noble lives, but also offer motivation and a sense of satisfaction in life. If it is wrong, then they should not. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? It can result in having people prefer to deal with you than with someone of questionable morality. When students know they are valued by not only their teachers but their peers as well, they want to be at school. Moral values guide a person's moral compass by giving them a sense of right and wrong. The processes of deontological ethics... 3. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha, Moral World View: The Importance of Moral Values. They wrote cards to the vets, thanking them for their service. A bad technology will do the opposite: make us sicker, less educated, less loving of others, and worse at making moral decisions. With things like faith, background, religion and life experience affecting a person's morals, one individual may hold certain morals in high regard while others ignore those same morals in favor of others that they find more important. The daily dose of reported violence, apathy, offense, and divisiveness  has desensitized us to the deterioration of moral character. The action is correct and right, then an individual should do it. List of the Pros of Deontological Ethics 1. God delights in his own moral character, which is supremely good, unchanging, and eternal. Students were learning about animals in a kindergarten/first grade split classroom and, as a result, the students chose to adopt an animal clinic. Parents generally begin teaching their children good moral values early on in life as many children learn how to interact with others by watching their elders.
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