Hot to obtain it: Obtained through trading the Soul of Fume Knight with 25,000 souls to Weaponsmith Ornifex. This combination of damage and options makes Sacred Chime Hammer the top contender for this list. 9. The range difference between them only works in the Greatswords favor as well. Dark Souls 2 items ids. Below is a list of all the Ultra Greatswords and their base stats in Dark Souls. True story the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword does lesser damage fully upgraded then the Ultra Greatsword fully to plus +10. Fume Ultra Greatsword. The moveset is not nearly as good as the regular greatsword. I've been using the Fume Ultra to block the weaker attacks and it's pretty ***** effective, even to the point where the smaller weaker PVE enemies recoil. Dark Soul II players get to pick a weapon with good DPS, not mentioning the diversity in movesets, such as sweeps, long-range combat skills, block frames, and smashes. King’s Ultra Greatsword 8 Fume Ultra Greatsword Forged by the Weaponsmith Ornifex from the soul of the Fume Knight boss found in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC, this hulking two-hander even looks intimidating. “Ultra Greatsword forged from the soul of the Fume Knight.

How to get: If you only have the base game, then you can find it in a chest in the Memory of Orro. Clicking on any of the names of the Ultra Greatswords will give you detailed information about that weapon on a separate page. Its strong attacks also unleash bolts of ice that you can shoot at range. The main difference in its moveset is that it has the twohanded r2 of the zweihander, being a slow stab into an around the body swing, and the special attack. How to get: Acquired by trading the Soul of Fume Knight (dropped by the Fume Knight boss from the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC) and 25,000 souls to Weaponsmith Ornifex. After it was introduced to players in Dark Souls 2’s Crown of the Old Iron King DLC, the Fume Ultra Greatsword quickly became one … Here is a full list (from game files) of items ids in Dark Souls 2 game. The Exile swordsman Raime had the ability to expunge the black fog, but chose to live alongside it, in company of the child of dark that haunts his sword.“ It is another DLC weapon that you get from trading the Soul of Fume Knight and 25,000 souls to Weaponsmith Ornifex. Ultra Greatswords also have a large radius swing, making enemy players who aim for backstabs easier to handle in medium range. You can use my trainer to replace items: Dark Souls 2 Trainer They are needed to replace items in game. The fume ultra has a similar moveset to the Pursuer’s ultra greatsword, with the onehanded r1 that is an overhead chop into a wide horizontal sweep, which is very good for baiting people. This ultra greatsword is another prime pick for quality builds. Fume Ultra Great Sword.

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