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beautiful logos 2019
Our newsletter is only for the coolest kids. “I aimed for an authentic, vintage look and wanted the logo to be simple, to correspond with trends like stick and poke tattoos and nature illustrations,” says 99designer extrafin, on his logo designed for Cobra Lily. PayPal famously introduced the trend in 2014, revealing their redesigned logo featuring two overlapping P’s that perfectly signifies the company’s devotion to its 250M+ users. Want design tips & business trends (and the occasional promotion) in your inbox? Purposeful color Fragmented, warped or visually broken… it’s all good here. Companies looking to personalize their relationship with consumers are gravitating toward this trend because it provides prime targeted delivery, while at the same time keeping their logo recognizable. 3. No way. “This contrast is meant to be questioned by the perceiver. Amongst the most familiar design trends is perhaps the most salient: minimalism. A wedge serif type font, Blacker was designed to be a take on the “evil serif” typeface genre. Blacker. 10 of Our Favorite Popular Iconic Logos 1. 8. Jageland melts together the E and B in the company name and tricks the eye by angling the letter B to look like it’s on the other side of a 90degree wall. The Two Kings House pulls circles, triangles and rectangles together with a regal color palette to form a large, reflected portrait of a King holding a rose. Pinkbutterflii. Logos that include vintage textures, artisanal touches, precise line work and even a specialized crest are the focus. We’re seeing logo designers focus more strongly on using color in a purposeful way, placing color more intentionally than ever and conveying meaning with each careful decision. The design is made memorable because of her artistic touches—right down to the iconic red boots—and it’s the incredible detail of the logo that successfully establishes an identity that’s easily recognizable and uniquely eye-catching. The logo works perfectly because we see perspective in action and it accurately reflects the name of the business by literally showing us an “edge.”. Shelby (aka nevergohungry on 99designs) is a North Carolina-based artist with a DIY punk ethos. By completing this form, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Elevated negative space Variable logo design Variable design individualizes the relationship between customer and client because these logos embrace the challenge of adaptability. 99designer robbyprada’s piece for Paper Mill Trading shows us how to effectively cut through the noise. This pursuit of trustworthiness means brands are pushing for classic designs that appear to carry an impressive lineage despite being newly created. Designers who follow this trend successfully are using negative space in unexpected ways. “I used a selection of digital brushes for an added organic feel.” The result is a logo that clearly communicates a connection to history and conveys trust and experience. 99designer Mich explains how to take negative space to the next level to achieve this trend: “The key is focusing on the slightest details of any object, that is where you make something unique.”. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Google Terms of Service apply. Overlapping elements Steelyworks’s logo for Mumford and Sons revolutionizes the silhouette of a Pegasus into a thought-provoking, highly-detailed art piece with a continuous monoline that runs from its crest and down to its heels. Consider how the fish is presented in the negative space of the letter S in SeafoodSouq. Although it’s easy to define geometric logos as such, in 2019 there is an upward trend where designers are pushing that ceiling by deliberately pairing their creations with vibrant colors and friendlier compositions to offset its reputation. It doesn’t take an expert in color theory to understand that a color like red evokes passion, vigor and desire. Credit . The interesting new ways designers are elevating logo design by playing with familiar styles and clever use of color are going to make 2019 an electrifying year in logo design. What makes a logo special? In 2019 we’ll see brands making decisions that favor authenticity over notoriety and hoping their identity withstands the test of time as well as Stella Artois. I wanted it to represent the joy of the relationship between parent and child,” says 99designer Rossie Moss. UPS. Designers are working in an era where brands are hyper-aware of the fact that their logo will be viewed on a multiplicity of platforms. Design tips & business trends in your inbox? Storytelling through color is an inventive method for designers to help brands shape authentic relationships. These designs are created best by those who are believers in dispensing with everything until the point is reached beyond which the design breaks down entirely. When you factor in the need to be responsive across multiple applications, it could appear to be a near impossible task to create a logo with meaningful attention to detail. Major brands have already started using this trend in their branding and now designers are finally starting to make full use of its possibilities. 1. Once certain trends become recognizable, we subconsciously limit their potential. So, find your required sports logo from this collection and stay in touch with us for more stunning designs. , [Podcast] How to Grow Real Brands with Dava Guthmiller, How to Create a Content Calendar: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Content With a Small Team, Top 10 Design & Creativity Tools for Designers, Ultimate Guide to Successful Video Pre-Production, Branding, identity & logo design differences explained. Specifically, Hampus Jageland’s creation for EdgeBoard, an Australian company specializing in chopping boards. Logos that trick the eye. It’s taken a bit of time since PayPal’s reveal for others to fully embrace this trend but we’re seeing a huge uptick in enthusiasm for it in 2019, featuring bright colors and bold shapes. 6. Specialized iconography, dynamic typography and thoughtful customization help frame genuine connections to an audience’s specific needs. Let us know if you're a freelance designer (or not) so we can share the most relevant content for you. Another stellar example for this shift in minimalism is 99designer Iva Ron’s logo for Pulpo Gallery, a dramatic avant-garde take on an octopus. “This piece is broken into two main pieces, black ink and tentacles, simplified to exaggerate their complimentary characteristics,” Iva says. 99designer Greeninblue‘s illustration for Red Shoe Stories embellishes the traditional characteristics of a rooster, such as its large feathers and perky comb, with clusters of hand-drawn dashes and an exaggerated silhouette. 160over90’s overlapping logo for Woodmere Art Museum pulls double duty as a modern lettermark representing the letters WAM and as an abstract architectural design depicting the peaks and valleys of a building. The lettering of … Designers are finding more and more intriguing ways to experiment with logos and we’re excited to see what makes a lasting impact in 2019! While minimalism’s stronghold on digital design remains undefeated, 2019’s logos will … What we can expect this coming year will be one of the most exciting periods yet in terms of logo design. Do we judge its effectiveness based on utility? Oct 14, 2018 - Explore Cezar Bianchi's board "Beautiful Logos", followed by 495 people on Pinterest. Now more than ever designers are willing to look at past trends while pushing the boundaries with new styles. An artistic take on geometry like this reconciles the frigidity of modern brands with the yearning for a more personal feel. Rather than using random colors simply to attract attention, in 2019 the meaning of logo color is paramount. 2. What we will find in 2019, however, are designers doing just that. Something went wrong posting the comment. 99designer Deb explains how she makes this hyper-detailed, complex trend work for her: “I have an architecture degree that helps with balance and illustration concepts, especially regarding monuments, scales and synthesis.” This trend requires skill and lots of attention to detail, but the result is worth the effort. Our newsletter is for everyone who loves design! More is more and the magic happens in all those attentive details. “To create these designs, I was inspired by the shapes and colors of gumdrops,” he explains. That make or break moment depends on whether the right palette is in play. And you’re one of ‘em. The ingenious arrow hidden between the E and X is not only clever, it’s a logical representation of what the delivery service is known for—delivering packages! This logo collection is the best resource for you in which we include all types of sports identities described in the logo and you will surely find your desired one. Where this trend can get complicated, however, is when a brand’s message relies heavily on color selection to express its identity. Sulliwan Studio’s logo for Public Space was designed with major brand flexibility in mind.
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