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battle of prospero
This judgement rested heavily on the shoulders of the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion and their Primarch, Magnus the Red, who not only possessed and advocated the use of psychic powers themselves, but had felt personally unfairly judged and rejected by the Emperor at the Council, perceiving the whole affair as more of a rigged "Trial of Magnus" than anything else. Arcane gestures and motions ceased as their hands transformed into arthritic claws. The traitor plan was to have Warrior Lodges within the Scars led by Hasik Noyan-Khan take control of the Legion's fleet and join with the Death Guard while Jaghatai Khan was investigating on Prospero. He knew that Tzeentch wanted the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves to slaughter each other, and he wanted to stop these plans, even if it meant the sacrifice of his Legion and homeworld. The best and bravest of the Legion, all that survived to sell their lives in sight of their Primarch, went with him towards the bronze gates that led inside. The Battle of Prospero, also referred to as the Scouring of Prospero, the Desolation of Prospero, the Burning of Prospero and the Fall of Prospero, was the name given by later Imperial scholars to the sanctioned Imperial military reprisal against the Thousand Sons Legion's homeworld of Prospero near the start of the Horus Heresy in 004.M31. Interrogating the mortally wounded Librarian Ankhu Anen, Wyrdmake learned where and when he could find and confront Ahzek Ahriman. The two enormous lupine monsters that accompanied Russ leapt upon Magnus, fastening their jaws upon his legs. Ahriman clasped his hands upon the jade scarab set in his breastplate. The Warmaster Horus was being treated for the mortal wound he had sustained fighting alongside his Luna Wolves Legion against the Renegade Imperial Planetary Governor Eugen Temba on the Feral World of Davin within the Temple of the Serpent Lodge. When the moment came, Ahriman would know what it was meant to do, and that he was to concentrate all of his psychic energies on the this crystal and those of his Battle-Brothers. The Legio Custodes and Silent Sisterhood suffered relatively light casualties by contrast, although considering the smaller relative size of those forces, they could still be considered severe. The figure constituted a substantial amount of the Space Wolves' total strength and by the formal outbreak of the Horus Heresy, a mere handful of solar months later, they'd had little chance to replenish their numbers. With sudden comprehension that their Tutelaries were not loyal pets or assistants, but something far more malicious, Toron overloaded with warp energy and exploded. Magnus the Red He roared to the skies, and the devastation wrought by his fleet above was pleasing to him. This unusual Human world embraced the psychic mutations amongst its population rather than seeing psykers as dangerous witches and Renegades who had to be slain or exiled as was the norm on most Human worlds before the Imperium annexed them during the Great Crusade. One of these teams, led by the Rune Priest Othere Wyrdmake, entered the Pyramid of the Corvidae and began to systematically burn all the texts within. Prepared to release Wyrdmake, so that the Rune Priest could bring this knowledge to his superiors and perhaps stop the battle, Ahriman paused for a moment to look over the battlefield and saw Leman Russ and the Space Wolves slaughtering his legion and destroying everything around them. [1i], In the centre of it all, Magnus and the Russ continued to fight, Magnus battering the Wolf King with fists wreathed in lightning and fire. Now distracted by the combat, Magnus was unable to prevent a second wave of Wulfen from dashing through the moat, supported by groups of Space Wolves using shards of the pyramid and the stocks of their bolters to make improvised canoes. One minute their Augurs had been silent, the next a vast fleet of ships had appeared, a buckshot spread of torpedoes already arcing towards the orbital batteries and missile defences. Shadowy hands formed out of pools of standing water on the ground, reaching for those who returned to the moat or stayed on the edge, the wounded dragged down into the dark. Burdened with the terrible information provided by this precognitive vision, Magnus gathered about him the secret cabal of his Legion's Sorcerer Librarians to discuss and interpret the meaning and implications of these dire portents. Upon their withdrawal from Prospero, the Space Wolves were beset by the Alpha Legion and nearly destroyed at the Alaxxes Nebula.[9]. Hundreds of eyes gazed down from this crack in space/time, driving any who gazed back at them insane. The Wolf King brought the entire VI Legion to sanction Prospero -- an entire Astartes Legion to punish another entire Legion. Their razor-sharp fangs and talons tore into the ranks of the battered Thousand Sons. Corvus Corax and Rogal Dorn also refused to commit their Legions to fight alongside other Legions that made use of Librarians. As Maat complied with this order, T'Kar elected to remain behind, drawing all the strength from the warp he possibly could, directing his Tutelary to engorge him with it. This wedge achieved success for a limited time, until a terrifying howl was heard around the battlefield; Leman Russ had arrived at where the fighting was thickest. The Wulfen burst into the Thousand Sons' lines, causing havoc and many deaths. Yet Magnus had no intention of giving up the promised power and knowledge of the Warp and continued to study the Immaterium and its secrets. To a colossus of such psychic power and personal vanity as Magnus, using a succession of intermediaries as communicators (the normal method of galactic communication) seemed too slow and unlikely to be convincing enough; Magnus was, after all, about to tell the Emperor that his favourite son and chief lieutenant aimed to overthrow him. All eyes turned to Russ as he brought Magnus down across his knee, and the sound of the Crimson King’s back breaking tore through the heart of every Astartes of the Thousand Sons. But soon a new enemy opposed the Sorcerers of Prospero. The Prosperine defence grids were non-functional at every layer of security, from the outer orbital defence platforms to the close surface planetary defence cannons. Magnus used his powerful psychic magicks, battering Russ with fists of telekinetic force wreathed in fire and lightning. The Legion quickly adopted Prospero as its new homeworld and many of Magnus' followers from amongst the sorcerer cults on the planet were recruited into the Legion's ranks. The battle was the culmination of a plot by Warmaster Horus to integrate the White Scars into his own forces. His bladed staff threw off blinding arcs of lightning that destroyed armoured vehicles in thunderous explosions. Sensing an opportunity, the Warmaster contacted Leman Russ. Just as serious for the Space Wolves was the expenditure of munitions and equipment -- such was the zeal with which they prosecuted the war on Prospero that their reserves of such things were badly depleted and left them unable to engage in more than limited warfare during the early stages of the Heresy.
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