The night was very hot. Centuripe itself was the key to the whole Adrano position and the capture of Adrano would in turn force the Germans to withdraw to new positions. [9] Evelegh ordered Brigadier Nelson Russell commander of the Irish Brigade to take Centuripe, and the plan was for a night advance to be made with heavy artillery fire available at call. The advance from there was to be made with the 6th Battalion moving over the hills on the left., the Buffs moving up the line of the road on the right, and the Argyles in reserve. Your email address will not be published. In General Montgomery’s opinion, no other division in his army could have carried out the operation successfully. The Battle off Centuripe was fought from the 2 to 4 August 1943, as part of the Allied invasion of Sicily during World War II. Throughout the night more men from 38th Brigade moved into the town to reinforce those already there. [5][7], The London Irish quickly reached high ground on the far side of the Salso, and at night ‘E’ and ‘F’ Companies got to the Simeto. The Irish Brigade had advanced from 1-5 August over a distance of some 25 miles, overcoming the enemy in three major intense actions at Centuripe, the River Salso and the River Simeto. The crossing of the Salso and Simeto Rivers and the fall of Aderno had cut all the German lateral communications west and south of Mount Etna, and caused the fall of Paterno, Santa Maria, and Biancavilla. There are caves for sulphur and salt mineral, and water springs. The Commemorations held on 10th July 2020, My father, Reginald Arthur Hibbard RA by Ian Hibbard, Ted Needham, Freeman of the Parish of Swanley in Kent, VE Day 75, a Royal British Legion Announcement. Most of the fire was coming from high ground to the left of the town, and the advance in that direction continued slowly for the remainder of the day. 26th October 2016 0 Comments. La bataille de Centuripe est livrée du 2 au 4 août 1943 à la suite du débarquement allié en Sicile (Opération Husky).Les forces de la VIII e armée britannique sont engagées dans de violents combats dans et autour de la ville de Centuripe dans la partie centrale de la Sicile dans la région montagneuse située entre les fleuves Dittaino et Salso. No transport was able to get forward and that meant that all ammunition, food, and other supplies had to be man-handled causing a delay.[9]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Heilmann had replaced the commander Oberstleutenant Von Carnap after he had been killed by British artillery fire in late July.[6][7]. That night, 1st August, the Eat Surreys from 11th Brigade were thrown into the battle between the Argylls and the 6th Battalion with orders to advance up a mule track. Centuripe is a fair-sized town perched right at the top of a steep hill 2,000 feet high. Winston Churchill mentioned the news of the capture in the House of Commons only a few days later, citing the capture as one of the greatest achievements in storming. From the afternoon of August 1 to nightfall on August 5 the Irish Brigade had advanced twenty-five miles fighting battles at Centuripe, Salso, and the Simeto. A Company (Major Defrates) was in the lead, and their scouts moved forward to gain contact with the troops of 11ht Brigade on the start-line. [9] The Irish brigade then had the difficult task of house to house fighting which proved difficult against the tough paratroopers, by the evening it was thought the town was cleared but the Germans counterattacked and although it was largely repelled some units sneaked back in to snipe as the Irish cleared the streets and houses. [10], On the evening of August 1 the London Irish moved to a lying-up area in the wadis below the foothills of Centuripe. The Sixth Battalion The Queen’ Own Royal West Kent Regiment, Sicily After a hard battle the Irish Brigade forced a crossing enabling the other two brigades of the 78th Division to pass through and capture further objectives. At noon next day the London Irish went forward to a line behind the 6th Royal West Kent Regiment, who were fighting in the hills behind Centuripe, and in the August heat they could see the village resting on the summit of the large hill. But soon after daylight considerable sniping from the enemy outpost on a feature in front held up the advance. [5], The key position in the German defense line across Sicily was Centuripe, a village perched on the top of a formidable line of steep hills along with its precipitous sides which gave it an almost impregnable position. On the afternoon of 31st July, the battalion marched through Catenanuova to a forming-up position north of that town. [2] The job of the London Irish was to take three commanding hills, Points 704, 611, and 703 behind Centuripe but it was not known in what strength they were held by the Germans. Major Taylor was wounded, the troops checked, and Gordon Defrates, assuming command of both companies, shouted encouragement to the men and led them up the rocky slope.
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