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banana plant for sale
Advertised Price includes - Business name registered - Get Slashed AU, - A web site www.getslashed.com.au, - Which is recognised on Google - Good will from 6 years trading, 4 as Get slashe, Various plants for sale from $5. Established Succulents Flowering Great for Indoors. Small pots Variety succulents plants *Healthy*. Luffa Seeding (around 15 cm) $5 (Low Stock: 2) Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved. 1 hanging pot cone shaped with plain green spider plant [$10] Fire Bug/Alternanthera dentata $5 (Low stock: 1) Below are the fruit trees that i have available for sale: Colours can be guaranteed as exactly as the photos shown here as this batch grows from seeds. Pick up from Barton. Drought Resistant. Or Local Pickup with pot from BUNDOORA,VIC 3083), Prices: $15 for 500 (approx) worms $25 for 1000 (approx) worms $15 for 5L Mini Compost (includes worms). Strawberry plants from $3.50each to $6 each. FOR SA, VIC AND ACT CUSTOMERS – THE PRICE WILL BE ADJUSTED ON YOUR INVOICE TO INCLUDE AN EXTRA $10 PER PLANT FOR EXPRESS POSTAGE AND INSURANCE. can send photos of plant species if want. The Abyssinian Banana is a dramatic, lush plant regularly seen in tropical gardens and warm temperate locations. Canna lily is the only genus in the family cannaceae. I have all plants listed below, so if you're still looking for plants then come on round! Blue Chalksticks, Mini Pine Tree, Crassula Ovata Applications. weekdays by an appt Phone Number: 0413 zero 62 eight 56 Moving interstate so come make me an offer. Extremely Cheap for what Plants you get. Yes it has edible sweet bananas like its larger cousin. Bottle Gourd Seeding (around 15 cm) $5 (Low stock: 1) Call Ken on, WANTED edible and medicinal plants, seeds or cuttings, I'm looking for the following plants, seeds or cuttings if anyone has any for sale/swap or knows where I can find locally… Plant will be posted at additional cost, bare rooted, packed in sphagnum moss and bubble wrapping plastic packing material to protect from damages during transportation. It is mounted on a very thick piece of hardwood so it can be easily moved around. 6 years trading A sensational Seasonal Name We had a great start to the season. Crassula Ripple Jade, Sedum Pachyphyllum Jelly beans (See Pic 2) Graptopetalum Paraguayense, Graptosedum Francesco Baldi (See Pic 3) Some larger plants $3, $5 and $20-$30 each. The Abyssinian Banana is a dramatic, lush plant regularly seen in tropical gardens and warm temperate locations. Betel leaf (will coming with white nut, not vine), Various plants for sale from $5. View pics to see full size. Sedum Pat's Pink (See Pic 4), Graptosedum Bronze (Pic 5), Crassula Gollum Shrek's Ears TopExotic Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants for sale from $20, OPENING TIMES: You remove, bring shovel and big bin bags for transportation. plants have roots, $2 each $5 each UPDATED: plants in photos still available Variety of plants for sale including succulents, chain of pearls, bananas, hearts & cacti. Crassula Ripple Jade, Sedum Pachyphyllum Jelly beans (See Pic 2) How long before a banana plant will fruit 2-4 years, after this you need to replace the plant with one of the off… • CENTELLA ASIATICA / VALLARAI KEERAI (GOTU KOLA) One bunch = $ 2.00 • BAY LEAVES (FRESH..not dried) One packet = $ 2.00 (40 leaves) • BETEL LEAVES /PAAN LEAVES One packet = $2.00 (20 leaves) • COLEUS AMBOINICUS/ KARPOORAVALLI / OMAVALLI/ MEXICAN MINT One packet = $ 2.00 (20 leaves) • ALOE VERA Two leaves = $ 2.00 • BANANA LEAF One leaf = $2.00 From $2 to $10 These include; Euphorbia, kalanchoe, casava plants, bananas, succulent plants, tepuna, jade plant, string of bananas, curry plants. We DO NOT stock ornamental bananas as they are prohibited for sale and cultivation in QLD. Price advertised if Business and good will Fire Bug/Alternanthera dentata $5 (Low stock: 1) Also selling $10 large plants in pots (see other post). WANTED: kombucha, agave (edible variety, if you are unsure let me know the variety type or an image please), grapefruit, pomegranate, pistachio, grapevine, cashew, custard apple, Indian almond, pau d’arco, quinine, zucchini, tamarind, Rosella, avocado, mango, coconuts, curry plant, pineapples, sweet potato (purple) wormwood, castor oil plant, mint varieties, Ceylon cin, $2 for 9cm pot I have more than 900 different species succulents /Rare. Local buyer can pick up the, Hi all, I have lots of organic garden plants for sale,please feel free to contact me. Fresh organic Indian herbal leaves for sale! Moving interstate so come make me an offer. ... Hi all, I have lots of organic garden plants for sale,please feel free to contact me. (Information on growing a specific plant will be provided) Almond Curio Radicans S, Assorted plants for sale comes in different plant pots. Pandanus Fat Boy (Wide Leaf, Fruit/Seed Edible) $7 Rosemary plants $5 each 140mm pot. Some OUT OF STOCK will come back when ready. Pandanus Fat Boy (Wide Leaf, Fruit/Seed Edible) $7 $10 for 20cm pot (only one left and is about to flower and flower is red) Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees and Plants for sale from $20, Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. POTTED PLANTS; all small plants $2 each. Please check out my other items on sale. Chillies seedlings from 3 to 5 dollars each. Also 2nd hand plastic pots hardly used, various sizes for sale, Ranging from $2. Pick up only, GARAGE SALE on Sunday 29th Nov. from 08:00 to 13:00 15 Kingsford Drive, Willetton CENTELLA ASIATICA / VALLARAI KEER. Large plastic pots [round and square] $5 and $10 each [suitable for shrubs, small trees etc. Achacha- bolovian mangosteen Aloe vera plants from $3 each, many sizes to choose from. $15 each or 3 for $40. Please check out my other items! Combine Postage available for multiple purchases ( Postage : plant ONLY without pot & soil. 00, Advance size rare & architecturally stunning Abyssinian banana plant, For sale 1.6m advance sizes Abyssinian banana - 100 Seeds Ensete ventricosum. The broad, flat alternate leaves that are such a feature of the plant, growing bout of s stem in a long narrow roll, Plants from $6 Bananas $7-15 For quicker response please text or call, I don't often check emails. 55% off Banana Plant's while sale is on. INDIAN HERBAL ORGANIC LEAVES (straight from the garden) for Sale!! Can post Australia wide for an extra $4, VARIEGATED MONSTERA PLANT 2 LEAVES – 2 Y.O. If you have a small backyard or want a tropical patio fruit tree, this is … mulberry(wihte), fig tree, cana yellow, Brazillian walking Lillies, goji berry, rosemary, oleander, moses in the cradle, prayer plants and many more. A joint garage sale with 3 other people. Orders before noon usually get … Super sweet Asian Banana plants originate in South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia n Indonesia) It is defined by its short stubby banana with extremely thin skin Prolific fruiting plants, fruiting every 10-15 months.
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