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baldur's gate imoen weapon proficiency
Str She'll attain Bhaalspawn powers following the defeat of Irenicus by the end of Shadows of Amn, The changes improve her stats as well as add a number of innate abilities. I'm about to level up Imoen to level 8, and I can't decide whether I want to give her a proficiency point in scimitars or katanas. This poor creature wishes to die? When asked about her past, IMOEN slaps your shoulder playfully. I need things to be... quiet, just for a little while. Life sure has taken us to unexpected places. Able to dual to mage Companion Codes They both grew up together in the library fortress of Candlekeep from the time when she was brought there, when they were both about the age of 10. Increasing the proficiency with any weapon to five points, becoming a "Grand Master", will unlock an achievement in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. --- More info about maximum points in weapons utilization Fighters - 5 points Rangers - 2 points Paladins - 2 points Everyone else 1 point*, unless it specifies something else. In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Imoen appears a bit worried and more mature, as she struggles with her newly-discovered Bhaalspawn heritage and the nightmares related to it. You have a point. The original character was a guard named Pique. You're the closest thing I have to family, . Class Recruitment Companion We can talk more about this later. Imoen's Belt (only in Irenicus's Dungeon) Other Infomation You've had an itty-bitty piece of my soul in there for quite a while now. Ability Scores I'm weak enough without my wounds. If we're going to do nothing, let's at least find a safer place to do it. Imoen will try to joke around with Gorion's Ward and almost any other companions in the group and lighten their spirits in the hardest moments to come. Dealing with people like her is their job—let them do it. 17 Companion Codes Ajantis Ilvastarr • Alora • Branwen • Coran • Dynaheir • Edwin Odesseiron • Eldoth Kron • Faldorn • Garrick • Imoen • Jaheira • Kagain • Khalid • Kivan • Minsc • Montaron • Quayle • Safana • Shar-Teel Dosan • Skie Silvershield • Tiax • Viconia DeVir • Xan • Xzar • Yeslick Orothiar, Baeloth Barrityl • Dorn Il-Khan • Neera • Rasaad yn Bashir, Baeloth Barrityl • Caelar Argent • Dorn Il-Khan • Dynaheir • Edwin Odesseiron • Glint Gardnersonson • Imoen • Jaheira • Khalid • M'Khiin Grubdoubler • Minsc • Neera • Safana • Schael Corwin • Viconia DeVir • Voghiln, Aerie • Anomen Delryn • Cernd • Edwin Odesseiron • Haer'Dalis • Imoen • Jaheira • Jan Jansen • Keldorn Firecam • Korgan Bloodaxe • Mazzy Fentan • Minsc • Nalia de'Arnise • Valygar Corthala • Viconia DeVir • Yoshimo, Clara • Dorn Il-Khan • Hexxat • Neera • Rasaad yn Bashir • Wilson, This icon indicates content for all games of the 1, This icon indicates content for all games of the 2, This icon indicates content from the original. Nalia was created to replace her being almost identical to her. The model for Imoen's Baldur's Gate 1 portrait was the wife of the team's lead terrain artist, Dean Andersen. 1 Total Scores I got enough trouble without fightin' these odds! Let's get going. Hey now! LGNGCGLNTNCNLENECE Magic. All right? Imoen has one of the highest overall stats of all companions in the entire saga, being a human thief with a Dexterity score of 18 and an intelligence score of 17. This allows a significant investment in 2-3 Thief skills, primarily lock-picking and find traps, as well as a third proficiency point, well placed in Long Swords. I'll stick with you no matter what, but we should still try and be decent to people. Chapter Female Her valuable thieving skills can be very beneficial for a starting party, such as detect and disarm traps, open locks, pick-pocket, etc. Ha ha! She also has a very high charisma, making her an effective leader in regards to yielding better prices in shops and good reactions during particular conversations. Let's keep moving. Alignment I think all this has really changed you. 12 for thief, bard11 for dual-class warrior cleric10 for single-class cleric9 for thief multi-classes, druid, monk, shaman8 for cleric/mage. This pathetic creature... Death is... pretty. She indulges you, and certainly does cheer up when speaking of how you spent your youths together in Candlekeep. in the Player's Handbook. Remaining exceptions are: Also, "fighting styles" are introduced: proficiencies that add bonuses when using a two- or a one-handed weapon, a shield or two weapons simultaneously. It's strange having these new arcane powers. No... no... NO! This place is just too darn creepy. Feels like I still have a connection with him, you know? Shortbows are a solid choice if you are looking at having her be more of a ranged character. The original Baldur's Gate groups certain, "similar" weapons together and offers only a few categories of weapon proficiencies: eight in number. LGNGCGLNTNCNLENECE Original: Open Locks 25%, Stealth 30%, Find Traps 30%, Pick Pockets 25%, Enhanced Edition: Open Locks 25, Find Traps 35, Pick Pockets 25, Move Silently 35, Hide In Shadows 15. Then... well, I had a knack for it. Glad to see another day. My dual-classed Imoen always keeps using a short bow and a pure mage can't do bows. Because of this, Cowled Wizards appear and spirit Imoen and Irenicus away to an unknown location. Belm is exceptionally strong, giving +1APR, Rashad's Talon is also a nice weapon, and there's Spectral Brand for a lategame option.. Other strong options are warhammers and longswords. Gender The original Baldur's Gate groups certain, \"similar\" weapons together and offers only a few categories of weapon proficiencies: eight in number.This makes characters more versatile, and they can quickly switch to a different weapon of the same category – e.g.
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