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bacon cure calculator
Designed for the home cook who wishes to develop their own products using a domestic kitchen on a small scale and uses equipment and ingredients readily available to everyone. It’s supposed to. Some countries sell cure #1 with different percentages of nitrite, and these EQ cure calculators will not work for those products either. Called Equilibrium Curing, or EQ Curing, it allows the meat to cure perfectly without the fear of over salting. If you’d like bacon-filled recipes in your inbox, subscribe to my email list above. I want them to be the best EQ cure calculators available on the internet, so please let me know (with sources) if you think there are any discrepancies. The EQ cure calculators below will let you calculate the appropriate weights of cure #1, salt, and sugar for either a wet or a dry EQ cure. Whether you’re using the wet or the dry curing method, the next step for smoking the bacon is the same. In these products Cure #1 is added directly to ground meat. Local Food Heroes is owned and run by Phil Young a resident of Leicestershire in the UK. It includes Cure #1, Prague Powder #1, Peklosol, Sal Nitrite, DQ & DC Curing salt, Insta-cure etc. I find Pops6927’s recipe from the Smoking Meat forums to be a great place to start.. 5. The maximum permitted in the EU is: Sodium Ascorbate or erythorbate (optional), Copyright © 2014 Phil Young - All rights reserved. Cure #1 contains 6.25% of sodium nitrite and 92.75% of salt. Cure #1 contains 6.25% of sodium nitrite and 92.75% of salt. This is very important. mg/kg is also referred to as PPM (parts Per Million). Sodium nitrite is toxic in high quantities, and has been linked to migraines in some people. This calculator will tell you how much Prague Powder #1 to use and how long to leave it in the liquid in the yellow boxes below. My recipes usually feature bacon, although I define it broadly to occasionally include pork belly and other cured pork products. Cure the bacon for 5 days, turning it over each day. This cure calculator allows for precise calculation of Cure #1 when making comminuted products such as sausages. Finally, salty bacon and see-through strips are a thing of the past! The grain size is … Copyright © 2020 Bacon is a Food Group on the Foodie Pro Theme, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), « Gyoza Recipe: Bacon and Shrimp Potstickers, comprehensive guide to homemade bacon making, Customizable Wet and Dry Equilibrium (EQ) Cure Calculators for Bacon. I’d love to know how these calculators worked for you! Comments below are greatly appreciated, but if you prefer, you can contact me directly at admin@baconisafoodgroup.com. Wet Cure Method. Whilst there are already quite a few cure calculators for bacon on this site, none allow you to choose your own levels of salt, sugar etc. Cure Calculator. Cure #2 should not be used to make bacon, and these calculators are not intended for Morton’s Tender Quick or any other blended cure product. Phil, - 17-01-’14 20:21 . It is sold in the US under the names Cure #1, Instacure #1, and Prague Powder, and is often referred to as “pink salt,” but should not be confused with Himalayan pink salt. Amounts above 250 mg/kg will not be calculated. This will store well in a closed container. I hope you enjoy! This method uses a wet cure based on precise weights of both meat and cure ingredients. Note: if EU or US is not selected, the calculator will default to using the EU regulations. The Wet Cure Calculator will enable you to create your own artisan bacon, ham, pastrami and corned beef safely at home. Rinse and dry the belly. Weigh your meat, convert that to grams. Use pickling salt and white sugar if your going to store the dry cure. The amount of Nitrite curing salt for your chosen level of cure, or the maximum amount permitted by the regulations chosen by you above is: The minimum amount of Nitrite curing salt that the US regulations say you must use is: The amount of Nitrite curing salt we suggest that you use is: Saltpetre is not recommended unless you are curing over long periods of time. Great calculator, look forward to using this when we next make bacon!! Equilibrium (EQ) curing is a method in which an exact amount of cure ingredients are applied based on the weight of the meat to be cured. You need to have an accurate digital scale. American standards permit 156 parts per million (ppm) of sodium nitrite to be added to ground meat. This refers to the mix of Salt and Sodium Nitrite. Otherwise the calculator at localfoodheroes offers this option. We have cured bacon on Timber2Table before using a dry cure method. Some links to friends of Local Food Heroes: Top | Local Food Heroes - Powered by PivotX - 2.3.3 -. This takes into account the salt in any cure. This cure calculator allows for precise calculation of Cure #1 when making comminuted products such as sausages. Smoking the Bacon. If you have selected 'Neither' how many mg/kg nitrite do you want in the bacon? Sausage and Curing Equipment and Supplies, Great Food Leicestershire & Rutland magazine. What is the percentage of Nitrite in the Curing Salt? Plug in 10 or 20 pounds as weight then calculate the ingredients. Phil, - 17-01-’14 20:21 . This was probably the simplest cure I've devised to date for any curing project I've undertaken—it was just maple syrup, brown sugar, kosher salt, and curing salt. As already mentioned, it’s also at this point that you can also sprinkle some coarsely ground pepper (if using) onto your wet-brined pork belly and “top off” the pepper on your dry-cured pork belly. Cure Calculator. You can add other seasonings as well. Just tested my first batch of back bacon, with excellent results. If US is selected but Skin-On/Skin-Off isn't: the calculator will default to the US cure levels for curing skin-on bacon. This removes excess salt. Happy curing! It has not been possible to include a comments section at the bottom of this page. Once you have the basic recipe down, you can vary the ingredients to make a flavor profile to suit your taste.
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