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arnott's recipes with butternut snaps
Arnotts Butternut Snaps, Please can someone look at the ingredients for me if you have some at home. This is Nana Ling’s Butternut Cookies recipe from 1942 – and it’s marked with an X. Nana Ling marked a small number of her recipes with an X, double X or triple X. If you can't buy butternut snap cookies, you can use gingernut cookies instead ( or you can make your own using this recipe … These cookies have a delicious flavour. Arnott’s Butternut Snap Cookies are good for having with a hot cup of coffee or hot cup of tea. It’s like an Anzac cookie, only a bit different and it’s OK to eat them all year round. mummaonmatleave said; 21 Oct 2019 10:14 pm; Buttery perfect for dunking. Arnott's Butternut Snap biscuits are a classic crunchy, sweet Australian cookie made from rolled oats and golden syrup. They are also perfect for use in sweet treat recipes; desserts and slices. By BabyOne, December 22, 2007 in Recipes & Cooking Tips Whilst I know it’s not really obeying the sugar free mantra, the addition of golden syrup is what gives these biscuits the … The Butternut Snap Biscuit is an Arnott’s classic.
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