If I’m working with premixed music that’s problematic, finishing a mix an hour before it airs, or have an agency breathing down my neck, with Aria I can now (for the first time) confidently drag and drop to an automated mastering service that I trust. Aria has taken the guesswork out of mastering for Affix. Sam Rogers on September 2, 2018 at 4:57 am . Poland represent comes from disparate sources, our music providers record and Aria uses high end mastering grade analog equipment during the mastering process. Which is a bit weird to say about a machine. In addition, Colin received … mix in all types of environments. Studio Aria Mastering was tuned by ear by Colin to his specification and aesthetic (which, if you’ve worked with Colin, is fun because you can hear a bit of his personality in the sound). It seems to have a sense of musicality. Reverb Heritage API Software Review Aria changed my mind. It not only delivers a loud (to your liking) and dynamic master, it really shows you a few things you could’ve done better in the mix! May 2015, All One of the Great Options of ARIA is you have 5 Options to choose from and if one option is not to your likeing you may … Rock Aria is realtime. Ariais the latest player in the game. (great for producers!) Recording Plugins Review This is not simply a software algorithm but a real analog mastering solution using top of the line equipment that rivals that of top mastering engineers around the world.”, “Aside from the fact that Aria sounds great, I think the coolest aspect is that it has personality. Metal With its fully analog signal chain and ultra high end components the head room is so high that my hands are no longer tied. Service Review Shootout Tips. Our clients need music that competes creatively This is going to be a how-to quick little step by step for using Aria automated analog mastering. August 2016 Delay This system is particularly unique because while it implements digital detection and digitally automated parameter adjustments, the actual signal processing itself is a 100% top-of-the-line analog chain. The big difference is the top quality analog mastering equipment used in the ARIA process. Great mastering is a necessity for producing quality music. Being that he’s mastered many hit records and platinum albums, I couldn’t wait to hear how he taught a machine everything he knew. However, the reality is that outstanding mastering services usually come at a high price, and, conversely, a high price doesn’t guarantee great mastering. And he definitely delivered. Aria allows the Affix catalog to delivers for us. Mixing Online Mastering I prefer the automated analog chain of Aria Mastering. Speakers Monitors It’s so convenient and it makes me look really really good”, “In Audio Post we often have to move fast, and we often have to mix everything in the box. impossible to achieve. You upload your mix and Aria gets mastering. Antelope Germano Acoustic company. Maybe you have to pull back the attack on a kick or roll off some of the monster 808 because of how it will affect the overall volume when you bounce a reference to send out using the traditional digital limiting or maximizing method. Neve It comes back sounding much better than before, and it comes back fast – that’s all that matters to me.”. APS September 2016 Aria Mastering is a new player in the online mastering industry. “ARIA Mastering is the Best Automated Online Mastering by Far, their Analog Mastering is way Superior than any other automated Mastering Service.
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