Similarly, all of Yamaha’s guitars are reliable and made using the unique touch of the company. In addition to its affordability, this Yamaha Guitar produces a very a clear sound with good bass. The tonal range provided by the pickup configuration enables flexibility so you’re not forced into playing a narrow range of musical styles. While they somewhat geared all animation movies towards kids based on their aesthetics, many of them have more mature themes that older viewers will pick up on. The FG800 Yamaha Guitar is a simpler, more affordable guitar geared towards beginner players, though more advanced players can play it as well. With great playability, tone, and quality, this Yamaha guitar has been the number one option for many professional guitar … Many guitars become less effective at translating your sonic intentions and producing clear and distinct sounds over time, but you don’t have to worry about that with the FG800 Yamaha Guitar. It takes inspiration from the look and design of a Fender Stratocaster. The action (i.e. Ultimately, the cheapest variation of the A3M is the basic mahogany style, which costs $499.99 regardless of what size or color you choose. Yamaha is a large company that has manufactured many different instruments for decades, in several … This is to innovate and lead. This is where Yamaha guitars come into mind. You also get two single coil pickups which can produce a cleaner tones as well as enabling a bluesy style at the neck pickup. Buzz Harmony © 2019 | All Rights Reserved. It probably won’t blow you away with power – especially if you’re not a beginner – but there’s plenty of worth in the PAC012. You’ll need to be able to get around smoothly to make the most of the 22 frets, which gives plenty of room to practice scales and make your foray into the world of soloing. At position 1 you’re using the single coil, which will give you more of a bluesy feel. I don’t recommend any product that I haven’t used myself or thoroughly researched. Required fields are marked *. I hope you’ve found this Yamaha Pacifica review helpful. Nice post you have here. These range from the PAC012 entry level guitar, to the PAC600 series, which cost upwards of $900. Some of the fittings are a bit cheap, but they’ll do their job. Not only is $250 dollars cheap for an acoustic guitar of this size and quality, but especially for an expanded bundle that includes essentially every accessory that a beginner might need. This process also helps make this Yamaha guitar sound great the moment you pick it up. Many users have commented that playing a used FG800 produces a rich, incomparable sound. Regardless, we think whatever direction the guitar market goes in, Yamaha will be there every step of the way. The Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 is a very good choice for anyone looking to pick up the electric guitar. As we think eventually humans will experience limits when it comes to making music. This is a common theme concerning Yamaha guitars. Additionally, the A3M Yamaha guitar is available in 4 different styles, specifically mahogany, rosewood, solid mahogany, and solid rosewood. The $799 price reflects the solid mahogany option. Yes I’d agree. Your email address will not be published. At the end of this article, we offer our final thoughts on whether Yamaha guitars are worthy of purchase. The FG800 Yamaha guitar is one of the best-selling guitars of all time, so that should already give you an indication of its quality. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Their unique touch is on every product, and more sensitive customers will notice this over the years. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’ll look at the pros and cons of the PAC012 and finally I’ll give you a recommendation. Playing the FG800 requires a kind of sacrifice that some users are not prepared for. This makes Yamaha guitars very accessible and popular, and they only enhance it by the diversity of products available. Originally designed in California, Yamaha has expanded the range of Pacificas over the years to 15 different models. That makes it nicer to play, especially if you have a bad back , Great post you have here and I must say that this Yamaha pacifica seems a lot more cool. Yes the Pacifica is light-weight in comparison to some other electrics. The best analogy we can think of to explain their products involves animation. If your experience is too painful at first, you might be discouraged from developing your skills further. They’re not the best quality strings, so you might want to swap them. I couldn’t find any complaints about the Pacifica012. Yet, for players that want the most durable, expensive wood available within the A3M collection, the solid rosewood style is available. At position 5 you’re using the humbucker fully, which is where you get the heavily distorted tones. But that can be a daunting task for a beginner depending on what bridge type. Many advanced players are surprised after using this guitar to learn that it costs as little as it does. The FGX820C Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar has a s olid Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany back & sides. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The tonal range provided by the pickup configuration enables flexibility so you’re not forced into playing a narrow range of musical styles. There are very few drawbacks associated with the A3M Yamaha guitar. All this being said, we think future guitars will either use recyclable materials or some new natural resource that is more sustainable. Yet, this range of prices is a good thing, as it presents customers with greater flexibility when purchasing the guitar. I played a PAC012 having recommended it to a friend and I have to say I was quite impressed. Yamaha advertises that they treat the instrument with their A.R.E (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) process, which allows it to have greater longevity as well as produce a rich, vintage quality tone. In each section, we give a brief overview of the guitar, noting its benefits and drawbacks. You get a humbucker pickup at the bridge, which enables you to play heavily distorted styles such as punk, heavy rock and metal. While this is pretty common when you first start playing guitars, it still represents a drawback. Hence, these Yamaha guitars are perfect for beginner players who are on a budget. This bundle includes a case, a tuner, strings, a strap, picks, an instructional DVD, and a polishing cloth. While this price reflects the quality of certain materials, it also makes these Yamaha guitars somewhat inaccessible for more budget-minded players. Their more expensive guitars can often be appreciated by more professional aficionados. Hence, I just wanted to get this for my son who wishes to learn guitar. It was certainly better than any Les Paul in my opinion. Yes, the Yamaha guitar that I had thirty odd years ago was a nice guitar… After all these years I still can kick myself in the ass for getting rid of her… If a guitar stays in tune, sounds good and feels good in your hands, she a keeper… It doesn't matter if a low end guitar or expensive guitar… The A3M is a more expensive guitar than the FG800 Yamaha guitar that we first discussed. Great article and it sounds like this would be a good beginner’s guitar. The FG800 is an acoustic Yamaha guitar … The PAC012 comes with 6 steel custom-light strings. As such, it’s considered one of the most dynamic guitars on the market. You could easily just start playing the guitar as soon as it arrives. While some break-in time might be needed with the FG800 Yamaha Guitar, the A3M Yamaha guitar avoids this through new technologies developed by the Yamaha Research and Development division. You’re right about strings that typically come with a guitar, if they’re cheap you’ll be replacing them sooner than later. This difficulty can make purchasing a musical instrument a dissatisfying experience when it should be precisely the opposite, namely a satisfying, fun experience. The main benefit of the FG800 Yamaha guitar is its affordable price. This price makes the A3M great as a mid-level guitar. How Thousands are Learning Music Production. In this Yamaha Pacifica Review I’m going to focus on the PAC012 model, which is the entry level model. Contact Us! Of course, we will naturally look to blame our instruments when our artistry runs dry. Essentially, higher quality wood exists on the guitar market that will offer greater durability and louder, clearer sounds. We think Yamaha is a true artist when it comes to designing and creating their products.
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