subsuturalis (Hidalgo, 1910), wide. Care: Temperature - 24 to 28 degrees Celsius . Buccinum parvum integrum (Gualtieri, 1742) [Described as synonym by Bequaert and Clench, 1936. Helix (Cochlitoma) marginata (Rang, 1831), Young snails can show signs of sexual maturity at 9-10 months old; prominent genital opening and interest in other snails. Records from from Liberia and the Ivory Coast are doubtless Archachatina ventricosa. Apical four whorls roseate. Giant African Land Snail - Archachatina Marginata Ovum Adult Snail. Natively, this species does not cause any appreciable damage to native crops and is actually considered an economic asset among many native peoples who include it in their diet. The shell, when magnified, has the appearance of a woven texture. All the viable eggs usually hatch within a week of the first. Archachatina marginata var, amphora (Pilsbry, 1904), Archachatina (Megachatinops) adelinae (Bequaert and Clench, 1936). Observations on the Reproduction, Growth and Longevity of a Laboratory Colony of Archachatina (Calachatina) Marginata (Swainson) Subspecies Ovum. Archachatina (Magachatina) marginata var. Columella and parietal wall vinaceous-red. Achatina marginata (Reeve, 1849), This may be due to suturalis being found in São Tomé and Principe, perhaps one of the most temperate areas in Africa, off the West-Coast. Shells in healthy condition. Columella, outer lip and parietal wall white or bluish-white. Eggs: The lemon-yellow eggs are slightly smaller than nominate race, being 17.5 to 18 mm. There is some evidence that suturalis eggs are easier to hatch than the nominate race "marginata" and "ovum". Plants included in the snail's diet are bananas, lettuce, peanuts, and peas, some of which are important crops in certain economies. Currently eating a varied diet of romaine lettuce, carrot, sweet potato, cuccini, apple and pumpkin. Archachatina marginata var. First four whorls pale orange-yellow, the remainder of the shell unicolorous straw-yellow; inside of aperture and columella pure white. gracilior (Kobelt, 1910), Unfortunately this can't tell you what type of Archachatina you have but it is the first step. Historical Synonyms: Historical Synonyms: Bequaert., 1950. Raut, S. K.; Barker, G. M. 2002: Achatina fulica Bowdich and other Achatinidae as pests in tropical agriculture. A few individuals may survive to 7½ years and occasionally 10 years. Upper part of body-whorl with relatively few chestnut wavy streaks or spots. This species occurs in Western Africa (Cameroon to the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the Caribbean (Martinique). The second feature is a peculiar microsculpture of the body-whorl, only visible with the proper magnification. It appears to be a mainly terrestrial snail. gracilior (v. Martens, 1860), Archachatina marginata var. Medium-sized and moderately broad, up to 110 mm. Summit pale coloured or slightly roseate. The size of the eggs is directly related to the size of the snail. 6½ whorls. The lower temperatures there may mean that eggs in captivity do not have to be so uniformly warm as is known to be the case for "ovum" in particular.2. long, 65 mm. 81 mm. Achatina intuslalescens "Paiva" (Nobre, 1909), suturalis (Bequaert and Clench, 1936), Wild snails eat plants rapidly,[clarification needed] which often leads to property destruction and damage to homes. The dark band is, however, most complete behind the outer lip, being elsewhere more or less interrupted vertical, pale yellow streaks. During periods of high humidity, achatinids are more active, but individuals being found during broad daylight are most likely due to high population density. foureaui (Germain, 1908), long. candefacta (Bequaert and Clench, 1936), The giant West African snail or banana rasp snail (Archachatina marginata) is a species of air-breathing tropical land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Achatinidae. ), general outline and shape of aperture, as well as in sculpture, having also the characteristic "weave" microsculpture. (v. Martens, 1876). Archachatina marginata is the largest of the Archachatina snails and is found in West Africa. In addition to geographic locale, there are two main features distinguish the several variations of Archachatina marginata from the related members of the genus: "The first is the subsutural, usually strongly marked engraved line, separated from the suture by a low narrow depressed area covered with irregular, low, vertical folds, the suture itself being straight or very slightly wavy, not crenulate. fourneaui (Spence, 1928), Shell mostly or uniformly straw-yellow or olive-yellow, without or with mere traces of darker markings. Shell fairly uniformly marked with numerous chestnut-brown or pale brown vertical streaks, stripes, zigzag lines, or blotches on a straw-yellow background. They prefer concealed habitats, and if overcrowding occurs, they may colonize more open habitats. It is to be noted that when a crawling snail is disturbed it produces a peculiar screaming noise, caused by the expulsion of air as the shell is rapidly retracting by the powerful columella muscle. The hatchlings consume their own egg shell and then start eating their siblings shells. Achatina (Megachatinops) adelinae var. The average clutch size is about 8-9 eggs with 3 being a minimum and 16 being a maximum. marginata (Donovan, 1826). Archachatina cummingii (Pilsbry, 1904), Achatina marginata var. The interior of the aperture and upper part of the columella are slightly bluish." Achatina marginata (Swainson, 1821), Achatina marginata var. Historical Synonyms: [1] How the species reached Martinique is unknown, but they may have been intentionally introduced as "pets" or by workers returning from West Africa.[2]. 1x Giant African Land Snail Archachatina marginata ovum leucistic body color, "acromelano" Snail: Shell Size - 10cm. aequatorialis (Bequaert and Clench, 1936),
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