I want to use a ww white & not sure if it will rise properly. Not all ovens are the same. Waiting to put this in the oven now. Continue on with the steps 1-11 below. Definitely will be making more and experimenting with some variations. I completed this recipe 3 times in a row. http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh30/flameforever/ItalianBread-1.jpg. One of our docs from N.Y. said it was the best bread she’d eaten since she moved to Pa from N.Y. Heaven! (Sorry for my English as I”m French, Quebec Canada. It came out great! This turns out a flatter bread. Thank you so much!! (I bake and cook almost every weekend to try different recipes). So so so good! I can’t see anywhere where you say to but thought I’d ask. Thanks Hanna, can’t wait to hear how it worked as French Toast the next day. You are welcome! Laura, that’s great so glad it worked out! I am dying to try this out now. (It’s winter here in NY so my house is dry and warm-ish.) Did it rise nice and high or was it a flat rise? In another bowl add flour, salt, and sugar. I am always looking for new recipes, and this is a great one! I told him I couldn’t take all the credit. Since I am in Houston, Texas this takes me about 45 minutes. Hi Tony, I’ve only made this recipe in single batches. Wow, I’m super impressed. I’m excited because I have made very hard dense bread in the past when trying to make Italian bread. You want the dough to be just a tad bit moist. Note you might also need to add more flour a bit at a time just so it isn’t too sticky for you to work with. I have a question I made the bread however it came out very dense. I’ve done it both ways depending on my mood. The darker bread in the pictures above is the oat based recipe. Did the yeast bubble up for you? Cover with the bowl and let rest for 10 minutes. It makes a great breakfast. Your recipe is the first loaf I made. Let me know how it turned out. Otherwise, I may experiment with making 1/2 recipe. Hi there Carrie, just a quick question for this recipe. I used method #1 which for me was kind of complicated but the results are definitely worth it! I hope those are helpful tips. clp. I added some chopped herbs to the top with parmesan cheese prior to baking – extra yummy! Shall be trying again this weekend! Thanks Randy for your feedback, so happy it is your goto bread recipe! It’s not necessarily kneading per say. If not make sure to do that. Here’s a picture of my bread. So whatever amount you used cut that in half, the seeds should stick better with this amount as well. I live in a very humid climate and don’t need as much water. In a liquid measuring cup add 1/4 cup of lukewarm water, add the yeast and 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar. Currently I’m struggling with my wheat intolerance and an intolerance to both guar and xanthan. I just found this site and made the bread and it is amazing! @David: Thanks for your comment. I’ve been trying to successfully make bread since I was a teen. Baked for thirty minutes. Add to the dry mixture. Pizza dough was fermented in fridge 3 days, once warmed to room temp and formed, it immediately turned to blackened toast on pizza stone. Wish me Luck :D, It actually did here is a pic http://pinterest.com/pin/123215739777557844/. so hope it turns out good. I have a question I didn’t see listed above…after I let the bread rise and before I shape it into a loaf, do I fold it to get the air out (like I did after the 1st rise) or try to leave it risen as much as possible? How did it turn out? Have you ever not slashed the bread? Great recipe. This bread has been kept simple for generations so you could easily bake a loaf the day of for a meal, which is extremely appealing to me. I swear, I used to make bread often, never could get the hang of it. Thanks! Also you might want to give it more time to rise. A lot of bread recipes suggest using bottled water for baking because mineral or saline content would affect the flavor of the dough though not necessarily the proofing. 1st try – sounds and smells great!!! Thank you so much Carrie for sharing your simple fuss-free recipe! I’d love to try the recipe with oat flour, as you indicate it can replace the AP flour. I made my first attempt at this today. Am I being ridiculous ? I can’t wait to go eat the rest of it! This is the one for me. I am wondering if there was something wrong with the flour that you were using. I have used both ways and they both work for me. Brava brava, Carrie! Even though I was a bit nervous about it, this recipe was so easy and delicious! Did it turn out? Transfer 1 ball of dough to a medium bowl filled with flour and flip to coat. Do you use that type yeast in 2? It was my first time making an actual bread loaf. I sometimes just sprinkle the baking pan with cornmeal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am having some success with adding vital wheat gluten flour and starch powder to my GF flour blends. I had to add a little flour after I put only 1 1/2 cups of water in the flour mixture because it was surprisingly moist and sticky and left the rest out. Hi There, When I get a denser bread it’s usually because I didn’t get a good rise. Tips: Raising tip: In a cold oven, place the dough on the top rack. If it’s really dry then I would mist it. I am making the single loaf following the directions where I just added a package of yeast to 1 cup of water. Just wondering why the inside of the bread is really dense. waiting period. Thank you! Why do you think there aren’t any others? If you add the sugar directly to the tepid water it gives the instant yeast nutrients for activation (method 2) but if the water is too hot the yeast dies (it produces a sour funky odor when this happens). It made a huge loaf. First time breadmaker and I happened upon your recipe. I am a few loafs in and I must say your recipe is really great. Will be making this again. Quick note, yeast activates between 100 and 110 degrees fahrenheit. Also when should I split the ball of dough into two? So this recipe t was so much easier than making pita bread. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes, to allow the flour to absorb the water. Thank you for your lovely comment. You just don’t get the same feeling with a warmed loaf of store bought bread. All the best, Carrie. Thanks Charleen, I am so glad it worked out for you. Question. If I am doing 2 rises I will shape it after the 2nd rise.
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