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aluminum extrusion profiles
Send us an email at sales@aluminum-extrusions.com or fill in the RFQ form to get a quote from us, we will get back to you in 24 hours! Taber Extrusions Friction Stir Welding Capabilities Further Serving Marine, Defense, and Infrastructure Sectors Quality Manager The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Billet in The Extrusion Process Our standard aluminum extrusions shapes die inventory provides customers with the convenience of time and savings. These objects have a definite cross-sectional profile rendering a variety of uses. Any request of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles, leave us to message ONLINE or EMAIL at [email protected]. Why is Aluminum Used for Manufacturing Heatsinks? Extrusions and custom aluminum fabrication is our expertise. The extruded part like an elongated piece passes on a run-out table which is in the same shape as the opening of the die. What Type of Drawings Do You Provide Us For Manufacturing? What are the Benefits of Anodized Finish Applied to Aluminum Heatsinks? To ensure the right alloy and profile shape design is selected, our engineer team is able to help our clients design their aluminum profiles from the early stages when it is necessary. We are committed to become a one-stop supplier of aluminum extrusions and custom aluminum parts for our customers, and try our best to help them reduce procurement costs. ◆ ISO9001:2015 certified Extruding aluminum is our specialty, we try to help our clients build their products from start to finish. Here, aluminum profile which is just created is cooled down by fans. An excellent designed aluminum extrusion profile shape will lead to cost effective product and constant good quality. ◆ ISO14001:2015 certified FONNOV ALUMINIUM classifies these aluminum profiles for general engineering clients. For example, piercing mandrels can be placed within the die to create hollow sections. From the design to the final aluminum product, there are many processes, including die production, extrusion, machining, and even aluminum processing and surface treatment. Extrusion Die Openning That You Should Know. Nearly 70% of aluminum profiles are in the architectural … Wellste standard aluminum extrusion profiles usually come in 6063 and 6061 aluminum alloy. When extruded, the hot aluminum profiles will be quenched, cooled, straightened, and cut. Here, the addition of lubricant to it ensures prevention from sticking to the extrusion machine, the handle, or the ram. Finishings For Aluminum Extrusion Profiles. 30% of aluminium profiles are in many different industrial areas, which is a wide and large range, and we call it general engineering. Standard aluminum extrusions are available in mill order quantity only. Aluminum Profiles Aluminum profiles are produced by pushing aluminum billets through a metal die to get the standard or custom shapes. They emphasize the mechanical properties of aluminum material that can meet application requests. Our aluminum profiles for architectural use are produced and inspected in accordance with GB/T5237, our profiles for industrial use are produced in accordance with GB/T6892, and our extruded aluminum bars are produced in accordance with GB/T3191. So aluminium extrusion profiles can be applied in many industry areas. This part is then pulled to the cooling table. We can produce extruded profiles with the weight per meter ranging from 0.10 Kg up to 50 Kg, the largest circle size is up to 650mm for industrial applications. Nearly 70% of aluminum profiles are in the architectural and building industry, like window and door, facade, interior decoration, furniture, etc. Typically 6063 is used for an architectural application while 6061 is used for structural application, Wellste still … Therefore, the National Standards of aluminum extrusion products emphasize the reasonable tolerance range of each size during production. Xinxiang Aluminum. Our warehouse members would find a proper packaging for the profiles to protect the materials during shipping. For different appearance, colors, and weather resistance, FONNOV ALUMINIUM classify the surface finishing into anodizing, powder coating, wood grain finish, PVDF coating, and water-based painting. When the engineer sends us the aluminum profile drawings, hoping that we can produce the aluminum profiles accurately meet all the dimensions in the drawings. These National Standards all specify its request on tolerance. Request A Quote, Extrusions Expert in Aluminum CNC & Fabrication. Bonnell Aluminum carries a large inventory of extrusion tooling used in the production of standard aluminum profiles designed to Aluminum Association and American Standard specifications. No.46 Changxing Rd, Tongshan District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China-221116, Copyright © 2016 - 2020 FONNOV Aluminium | All Rights Reserved, TAGS: Wood Grain Aluminum Aluminum Extrusion Machining Aluminum, Any request of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles, leave us to message ONLINE or EMAIL at, Wood Finish Aluminium Profiles For Window Door, PVDF Aluminum Profiles For Facade Cladding. RELATED REFERENCE: Where are aluminum extrusion used? As a large manufacturer in aluminum industry, we are located in Zhejiang China and dedicated to delivering high quality aluminum products to the industrial groups all over the world.
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