This isn't just any old sensitive skin product, though. Suzanne Santos: We have, from the outset, formulated products to respond to sensitives for a global audience, however, we were yet to create a specifically formulated product for sensitive skin. To find out more, we spoke to Santos about the product, the epidemiology of sensitive skin and her best recommendations for alleviating the symptoms. Grace is our Digital News and Entertainment Editor. "We've got a number of other products in our range which we've tested as being suitable for sensitive skin. One of my favourite product from aesop! For six weeks, I tested Aesop’s Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator and was pleased with how it allowed my skin … Aesop knows just that, releasing its Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator to address the visible and invisible physical sensations associated with sensitive skin. There are four key ways we address the needs of sensitive skin, and this has helped form the direction for this formulation: Suzanne Santos: Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator is unique in containing two carefully selected, synergistic blends of ingredients, each with superb skin-soothing properties. Complementing the skin-calming properties of ginger root extract and bisabolol, a blend used to great effect in a number of Aesop products, is a blend of two botanicals; dunaliella salina extract and narcissus tazetta bulb extract. Suzanne Santos: The precise causes of sensitivity are not well understood. To support skin’s optimal function, careful cleansing, considered hydration, and regular deep cleansing and treatments are essential. What other products can be used to create an optimal skincare regimen? Where did the journey of the Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator start? Full of antioxidant ingredient and work great on my sensitive/acne prone skin. This reactivity may also occur after contact with plants, animals or fabrics; in response to insect bites; or in particular climatic conditions – in fact, it is often reported to be aggravated by extremes of temperature. To get the lowdown on what exactly sensitive skin is and how to address it, marie claire spoke to renowned scientist Dr Kate Forbes, who is responsible for helping to develop over eighty per cent of the brand's current product range. A monumental granite structure wraps the interior, summoning the magnitude and equanimity of coastal escarpments to the downtown environment. In hot, humid climates or where skin is particularly oily, Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum provides an appealing alternative to heavier creams or lotions, with a soothing base of Aloe Vera and matte finish. 16th September 2019. In terms of epidemiology, those with sensitive skin have been shown to have thinner stratum corneum (the uppermost layer of the skin) with greatly decreased corneocyte (skin cell) area. Suzanne Santos: Sensitive skin must be approached with caution and cared for at each step of your daily skin care routine. The cleansing milk and the B and tea toner is definitely the recommended product combination that we'd look at. If you exhibit this response, this redness reaction to lactic acid. Following three years of development, we have achieved this ambition with Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator, containing a unique blend of ingredients to soothe and hydrate, bringing a sense of calm comfort to sensitive skin. So by actually calming that inflammation, you are providing that degree of comfort to how you can make the skin feel in a more rested state.". Keep Damascan Rose Facial Treatment to tailor hydration levels as needed. Sensitive Skin Aesop Skin Care. "In these products, both of these ingredients work on the inflammation pathway to help soothe and calm. Suzanne Santos: The skin barrier refers to the outermost layer of the skin. Those with sensitive skin know how hard it is to find a product that really works. So the first part, trying to actually resolve some of the uncomfortable sensations and then you're looking at how you can actually benefit the health of the skin to hopefully protect it better for the future. Ginger Root Extract and Bisabolol are added to the mix, bringing a sense of calm and comfort to sensitive skin. You are welcome to explore this distinctive space, which hosts an ephemeral 'Sea of Daffodils' installation to mark the celebratory occasion. So actually it can be people who, as they are applying different sort of products or they're doing different things with their skin, they're noticing it's reacting.
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