Large Ribbon Stereo Microphone with Cable and Carrying Case. The design of the R88 Series borrows from serious stereo recording tradition. 2,112 313. I sent both the mic and preamp to be checked - the preamp was found to have a faulty component (diode bridge I think) and it was fixed under warranty. The active circuitry also prevents noise interference on long cable runs or when operating near large lighting rigs. The active R88A mic retains the same sonic character of the R88, but with an additional 12dB of output and a stable. Well I got both mic and TRP preamp checked under warranty and the TRP has been subsequently transferred to AEA for further inspection/repair. Amazing mono sounds with just one of the ribbons, Blumlein, and MS, is all possible with the R88. $66 per … Long live the ribbon revolution!”, “I've also had great success using the combo on a horn section 15 ft from the drum kit. Learn More AEA R88 mk2 vs. Royer SF-12 AEA R88 mk2 vs. Royer SF-12. ©2020 AEA Ribbon Mics & Preamps, All Rights Reserved. Finance Now . If you are saying the UFX+ is holding it’s own against the TRP and Millennia Pres noise wise that sounds more like props for RME than anything. Just wish it was better than the RME though. The extra 12db of output is vital when recording quiet sources like vocals or soft acoustic guitars. The R88A is an R88, but equipped with custom-made Lehle transformer and active electronics. With or without the inline preamps, neither R88 hisses. Well, I've owned and used AEA microphones extensively. The R88 and R88A are almost identical in sound. In nearly every AEA Session video, there is a near-field AEA microphone close-miking the musician while an R88 sits at the back of the room to capture the natural room ambience. sound as your ears hear it with … Visit the AEA site for more details! AEA R88A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone Studio Secrets Unveiled: The R88 Stereo Microphone . The R88 and R88A are almost identical in sound.The R88A is an R88, but equipped with custom-made Lehle transformer and active electronics. $1,999.00 $ 1, 999. This gives a consistent frequency response and greater flexibility with different preamps, including those found in audio interfaces for personal computers. R88 passive vs R88a .... thoughts? The new stereo R88A active ribbon microphone with custom toroid transformers captures . The R88 Series can handle 165+ dB SPL at 1 kHz allowing you to position it up-close to avoid room tone if needed. Share with: Link: Copy link. Such warmth. Knowing the difference will change the way you record. In the golden age of live radio, the format necessitated musicians and actors to physically move in and out around a single RCA 44BX ribbon mic to perform vocal solos or read dramatic parts for radio drama. As an alternative to Blumlein’s technique, the microphone can also be used for mid-side (MS) stereo, providing excellent mono compatibility and full control over the width of the stereo image. Though the two versions of the microphone sound very similar and both deliver the classic ribbon sound, they have different requirements. It will not be hurt by loud sources and can be positioned against a stereo guitar amp and other loud instruments. Posts: 1,641: Platinum Blonde. My many tests have been with Beyerdynamic M160, SM7B (and sometimes R88). Major hiss issues. To guarantee consistent, full-range ribbon sound, we recommend AEA’s RPQ2, RPQ500 and TRP2 preamps, which were specially designed for ribbon microphones. hank alrich. It’s the same requirement with all passive ribbon mics. On piano, I was able to use the placement and nulls to effectively control the bleed and frequency response of a baby grand track. On quiet sound sources or for distance recording, an AEA preamp is highly recommended. The AEA R88 Mk 2 was an instant hit at Sweetwater. Recording two Ampeg Gemini guitar amps in stereo was totally killer. From 16 inches to 20 feet, the mic retains its full spectrum and incredible low end. Are these significant enough to you to sell your rpq pre's and use the ufx+ pre's going forward? The R88, there is something about the ribbons being so close in the same enclosure, and so perfectly in place, that to do that with two R84 is not possible. “The R88 is the most realistic mic I’ve ever used. Don’t worry about loud sources, either. Engineer John Cuniberti aims to capture a band in one take, without edits or overdubs, but sound as balanced as a conventional multi-track recording. Simply choose where to place the mic and hit record. Platinum Blonde. The R88 and R88A effortlessly record complex sources like drums, strings, piano, and other instruments that produce intricate transients, harsher highs, and bellowing lows. Though the two versions of the microphone sound very similar and both deliver the classic ribbon sound, they have. Alex Yes! I still get confused if during playback the piano is coming out of the speakers or if the pianist is still playing in the room.”, “The AEA R88 made it possible for me to record an entire band around one microphone.”, “The R88 has become an indispensable tool in my mic collection… it is always somewhere in my orchestral brass setups.”, “The R88 sounded absolutely delicious on upright bass, delivering a round, warm, fat bottom without being tubby. The choice between the R88 and R88A is contingent on the specific needs of an engineer and their environment. It’s about the same as my Millennia too. R88 Series ribbon mics capture sound as your ears hear it, with an honest and open tonality. Watch San Geronimo perform “Pay Day” around a single R88. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. Sending both off to be checked soon. STUDIOCARE REMAIN OPEN & SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, HOWEVER OUR SHOWROOM IS CLOSED - CALL US ON 0151 236 … There is a substantial difference in price. On playback, the upright player was astonished at the sound.”, “This is a very impressive microphone and one which is without equal as far as I know. 2,112 313. Add to cart. SKU: R88A Categories: Microphones, Ribbon Microphones Tags: Active RIbbon microphone, Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone, Phantom Powered Ribbon, Stereo Ribbon Microphone Brand: AEA. Introducing…The new active AEA R88A!!! The mic nicely rounds the attack consistently up the neck, providing great definition. Since the R88mk2 is a dual passive ribbon microphone, the preamp is critical for optimum performance. There is a reason that legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville owns five R88s.
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