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But that kind of thing doesn’t matter live if you don’t let it. I started pursing my other passion which was producing. I truly didn’t want it to happen, but I was too weak to fight and felt there was nothing left to fight for. I saw no sense in hating everyone in other bands. I even began to book shows on the west coast to fund process. DISCOGRAPHY: 1990 – Every Dog Has Its Day BAND MEMBERS (ON ALBUM): Jimmi Bleacher – vocals, guitar, harmonica Pete Reeven – guitar, banjo, background vocals Michael Hannon – bass, background vocals Khurt Maier – drums, percussion. More recently I played drums with a very talented songwriter named Frank Pank on some of his material. I played and sang songs that I never heard before on sheet music. Unfortunately he got the gig as one of the producers on the new Faith Hill record, so he was tied up for a year. SR: Not only that, but now that everyone has their own families, musical projects and jobs it has to be much harder to roll the dice and take a chance like when you were young. I played bass and sang. SR: Was the House Of Blues tour you got offered strictly for a Salty Dog reunion, or could you have done it with any musicians? There are definitely parts of my life when I was more inspired, or should I say more plugged into the song grid. It gets extremely tiresome letting someone else define you. Of course I’ve written heavy guitar music. That’s why the timing is always bad. I thought it would be a good venue to play so I called Mike, Khurt, and Pete. The atmosphere was very relaxing once we got underway. SR: With some many bands emerging from that scene was it a cut-throat business trying to land the next recording contract or was there lots of comradery between groups? Members of Salty Dog would go on to join bands such as Dangerous Toys, American Dog, Bogus Toms, Mudpie, and Tweed. You have to understand writing and arranging in order to produce. But he hasn’t completely disappeared, he has just kept a lower profile while producing some young talent and writing at his own pace. At that point we knew we would be a household name. JB: I never tried putting a band together. The band released its first and only major-label record in 1990, titled "Every Dog Has Its Day," composed of all original songs except for a … SR: Out of the early scene who were the bands you though were incredible and which ones could you just not get into? Modifier L'Artiste. JB: Yeah. Like I said it was a good band, and good bands butt heads. I hope to have done good work, and hopefully even to have done some good works that were needed and wanted. [6], "Nuclear Assault / Salty Dog - Kerrang! JB: No. We recorded it at Tree Sound in Atlanta which won an award last year for the most platinum records made. There was more, but it was getting hard for me to show up. It was an adventure, and a lot happened during that time. But that’s hard to maintain physically and emotionally over a long period of time. Why do you think Salty Dog didn’t break out in a big way? I pieced together a studio and started recording really talented musicians. In fact, they had to change their policy on free beverages after we left, and that’s saying something considering bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Rush all recorded there. I hope in the end to adequately have given back the love I received from family and friends. Salty Dog was an American rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1986 by guitarist Scott Lane, bassist Michael Hannon, and drummer Khurt Maier. I played the bass for a guy named Cfoul on a funk album still in the making. JB: It was offered to me either way. By the time that was done-so was that band. I hope that my last thoughts on earth will be that if I get to meet God it will be a great honor. Tom B. got a job as Barbra Mandrel’s guitar player shortly after, which I think he still is to this day. Granted, it was a crappy video, but MTV agreed to play it, which is hard for a new artist especially one without any financial backing. We never made it home before the next morning that I recall, but we also never missed a day of work at Zed Records in Longbeach. Over the years, I’ve read their attempts to reduce me and bolster their own contribution. SR: How about making guest appearances on other people’s albums, have you done much of that in the last few years? SR: Have you been writing much new music? SR: Even without the tour, did the talk of working together again produce some closure for you and the members? magazine, where they covered the Sonny Boy Williamson song Sad To Be Alone[2]. I’m in no hurry. JB: Well that’s good to hear. A couple of years ago I went and visited Kingsley Ward (the owner of Rockfield Studios) at the studio. People really thought we were from another planet. Of course, you already know about the last Ampage album with Mark Mason where I sang some backup vocals.
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