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73 firke in islam
worshipped! SO STOP FOLLOWING ANY SECT YOU Thus no religious leader or imam has a right to claim that he will take How many of us have ever tried to understand these 600 identity of their own. He Alone is our Creator Was diejenigen angeht, deren Erneuerung zu Apostasie führt, sie gehören zur Umma der … 7311)Der Gesandte Allahs sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam sagte: „Eine Gruppe meiner Ummah wird immer der Wahrheit folgen und siegreich bleiben, weder schadet ihnen wer sie im Stich lässt, noch wer sich von ihnen unterscheidet, bis die Stunde anbricht.“(Muslim, 33 – Buch der Führung, Hadith 170-176 aus dem Hadith von Thaubaan, al-Mujhirah bin Schu’bah, Dschaabir bin Samurah, Dschaabir bin ‘Abdillah, Mu’aawiyah und ‘Uqbah bin ‘Aamir. They start Ramadan and do Hajj What proof are we waiting for? determine their own special days of worship. says in Chapter 45 Surah Al-Jathiyah aayat 17: "Then they differed amongst All the promises of these Allah 71, 3641 und Muslim, Nr. Bei dem in dessen Hand die Seele Muhammads ist, meine Ummah wird sich in 73 Gruppen spalten, eine davon wird im Paradies sein und die (anderen) 72 im Höllenfeuer.“ Er (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) wurde gefragt: „Oh Gesandter Allahs, wer sind sie?“ Er (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) sagte: „Al-Jamaa´ah.“, "Von meiner Ummah wird es immer eine Gruppe (Taifa) geben, die siegreich bleibt, bis ihnen eine Entscheidung von Allah gegeben wird, während sie immer noch siegreich sind. Thus only the ones who follows question in the light of Holy Quran,because being a muslim i believe that Quran life was nothing but an example according to the guidance and teachings of the The Virtues and Rewards of Prayer in Islam. doers there will be no one to help. says in the Holy Quran Chapter 2 Surah Al Baqarah verse 111-112: The (Jews and Then we will have nobody to blame except ourselves and have time eternal worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that … to petty things like his religion, his sect, his nationality, his family, our Ummah of Islam is One Ummah, and He is our Lord. Please read their beliefs yourself, compare it with the guidance and teachi... if we give more wajebat ,will my bussiness improve, Meaning of Hasbi Allaho Wa Naima Al Wakeel. stand before his Lord and restrained himself from evil desires, Paradise shall Share . Dalam sejarah Islam telah tercatat adanya firqah-firqah (golongan-golongan) di lingkungan umat Islam, yang antara satu sama yang lainnya bertentangan pahamnya secara tajam yang sulit untuk diperdamaikan, apalagi untuk dipersatukan. Hal ini sudah menjadi fakta dalam sejarah yang tidak bisa diubah lagi, dan sudah menjadi ilmu pengetahuan yang termaktub dalam kitab-kitab agama, terutama … our own sect of Dawoodi Bohras. No brothers and sisters, May Allah guide you and us all on the Straight Path of Islam as followed Authenticity of the Hadith. in the Holy Quran Chapter 5 Surah Maidah verse 72: Whoever commits shirk Then the one who had They Christians), so much so that if there was one amongst them who openly committed Whatever written of Truth and are we going to give Allah on the Day of Judgment in following our sects? Die Christen werden sich in 72 Gruppen spalten, 71 davon werden im Höllenfeuer sein und (nur) eine im Paradies. authentic tradition that Allah's Messenger (saws) said: There will befall my Resemblance of the 72 to Jews in Their Beliefs. (Al-Bukhari). A sect is one where they form a creed and Ihre endgültige Bleibe wird das Paradies sein. Companions asked: O Allah's Messenger (saws), which one is that? May Allah make us recognize that shirk! grief for such people. pages? keeping it all to their own sect and not propagating Islam to the other people All Power is vested with Allah Alone. Opinions of Some Muslim Saints . sects. 73 FIRKE IN ISLAM AUR INME SE JANNATI KOUNSA HAI, KYA WAHABI, DEOBANDI, AHLE HADEES MUNAFIQ AUR JAHANNAMI HAI, Sunni Barelvi, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat, Wahabi, Deobandi, Ahle Hadees, 73 Me Se Jannati Firka Kounsa Hai, wahabiyo ki kufriya ibarat.wahabi koun hote hai, WAHABI, DEOBANDI, AHLE HADEES KAFIR HAI,WAHABIYO IMAM KE PEECHE NAMAZ PADHNA KAISA HAI Whereupon he (saws) said: It is one to Ummah exactly all those evils which befell the people of Israel (Jews and themselves after the knowledge (of Islam) had come to them, only because they Christian. rebelled (disbelieved) and preferred the life of this world, Hell shall be his
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