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600 ce to 1450 ce ap world history timeline
The plague entered Russia. Each must be labeled as a political, social/cultural or economic event. Ogodei was Genghis' successor and helped keep the empire together. Most powerful of all the East African kingdoms in this time period. on the timeline, giving approx. AP World History 2 Name _____ Timeline - 600-1450 May 4, 2009 Place the following events, people, empires, etc. After a long path of ruling the Delhi Sultanate falls. Even with 10,000 men he was unsuccessful for the 15 days he was there.Muhammad suspected that the Banu Quraiza Jews helped the Meccans and so he had all of them killed. Due to its close relationship, Silla developed many similar aspects to that of China but did have a much more powerful aristocracy than China did. middle passage. Only in exemptions could the Byzantine government buy land. The Catholic Reformation begins in 1545. Egypt was the biggest province of the Byzantine. Leading to the collapsed of the Tang Dynasty. Vietnam experienced various different conflicts with China throughout their history, including being occupied by China. They had to give in if not they would die. Japan became feudal in 1100. He brought with him a huge caravan of soldiers, attendants, subjects, slaves, and camels carrying gold. The Song Dynasty had really advance technology some of their technology included; the magnetic compass,watertight bulheads, and the junk. The Mogols destroyed cities and were ruthless warriors, but once they establshed they turned the empire into a peaceful place. AP World History Timeline 600 C.E-1450 Timeline created by Sandra,Arely,Evelyn. The mound-builders, Cahokia (largest town), practiced large-scale agriculture and had centers of craft and commerce. The Tang Dynasty became too large to the point where the local warlords gained and gained power. The beginnings of what would become Russia. Oct 25, 632. Thomas Moore is an english philosopher who wrote the book "Utopia" about his moral beliefs. First Holy Roman Emperor, originally a Germanic king. Muslim empire reaches its furthes extent. China's bureaucracy expanded, education improved. 1347 - 1348 CE - Bubonic Plague in Europe. Reign of Chinggis Khan. 600 C.E - 1450 C.E. Republicanism and liberalism. Expanded the empire's bureaucracy, developed more roads and canals. Jan 1, 1200. Then the Mongols established the Yuan Dynasty replacing the Song Dynasty which did not last really long. It unified much of south India with the north for the first time. The empire later split into smaller empires and caliphates due to internal conflicts. The Mongols were ruthless in conquering but brought on the Pax Mongolica to their empire and helped ideas and technologies be exchanged between the different continents and cultures. Orange-Middle East A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Islam is Born 622 CE. The extensive bureaucracy was too expensive and hurt the Song. (Japan) Emphasized military prowess, however power became decentralized. Genghis Khan was ruthless in war but brought peace after he conquered. This splitted the Byzantine from the Romans. During the high middle ages, new states and greater trade improved life in Europe and weakened feudalism. Founded by Sundiata. Experienced the Heian Period, where culture and literature flourished among the aristocrats, the cultural development did not spread to the peasantry. They became wealth with the help of their powerful army and their international trade throughout Southeastern Asia. AP WORLD HISTORY TIMELINE ASSIGNMENT – Post Classical Choose 15 IMPORTANT events from the Post Classical time period 600 - 1450. He arrived at the city of Yathrib known as the Hijrah which founded the new religion. Goals: Increase efficiency, put all land under government ownership. The Mongolian who conquered China and formed the Yuan Dynasty. The Empire finally ended with Napoleon's invasion in 1806. Capital: Baghdad Muslim traveler and scholar from Morocco who travelled most of the known Islamic world as well as numerous other lands. Kingdom of Ghana Map of the empire's largest extent Period: 500. to . Ryan Zamos Period 4 622 C.E. In the fourth crusade, the crusaders did not even make it to the Holy Land and instead sacked an Italian city, Zara. The Mongols were already driven from China. The Songhai Empire declined in 1591. The dynasty ended when the people were upset over high taxes, the emperor's dictatorial ways, and the conscription of laborers, causing the emperor to be assassinated. Kievan Rus was a collection of city-states of Slavic peoples. The Mongols attacked the Japanese in 1274. The HRE remained vibrant until the Thirty Years' War (1618-16480, which it was greatly weakened. He brought back information about the New World and he also went to Panama. For this reason people looked into religion for protection. Became prosperous through agriculture, grazing, trade, and gold. Delhi Sultanate was founded after Muhammad of Ghor defeated Prithvi Raj and captured Delhi in 1192. (e.g. The Grand Canal was built during this dynasty, an important public work for China. This crusade occurred because the pope was ambitous for the matter that he wanted to expand his religious and political power. While the Gupta Empire is in power, Hinduism becomes the major religion. 500. As the Tang dynasty began to weaken, the Vietnamese began to push the Tang out, and won a major victory against them in 938. The King from Mali, Mansa Musa, made a pilgrimage to Mecca. A Frankish king who conquered large portions of land in Europe and was named Emperor of the Romans by the Pope in 800. The Sui Dynasty was a short-lived Imperial Chinese dynasty. He also came within reach of Contantinople and distroyed muck of Islamic- Arabic Civilization. The Mongol Empire spanned from the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Europe. Justinian's Code, made by Justinian the Great, revived the legal tradition of Rome and remained a foundation of legal knowledge in Europe for centuries. In 622 Muhammad Ali was forced to leave Mecca for fear of his life. Mali grew larger, more powerful, and richer than Ghana had been because of the mining of gold. Conquered Mayan settlements and borrowed various ideas from them. 500. ... Period of Japanese history during which the emperor resided in Nara. By the 12 century they were well established. Yellow-The Americas The first dynasty that was created was called the Slave Dynasty because the first leaders had been slave soldiers. Place the date and a description on a regular sheet of paper in timeline form.
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