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These researchers and others have found a number of psychological and biological changes, which appear to be associated with alcoholism. Character Changes Caused by Addiction. The personality of an alcoholic and its role in alcoholism is a major area of research in addiction studies. Or does alcoholism change an individual's personality? Long-term effects of alcohol on the brain can be fatal. Also these people with an abusive relation to alcohol tend to drink a lot more than the ones in your experiment. Personality Changes Caused by Alcohol or Drug Use. Stimulants like Ritalin and cocaine can make a person manic. Research has been done for both sides of the disagreement. Long-term and short-term effects can result in a range of physical and psychological changes. Often, those suffering from a substance abuse problem morph into completely different people altogether. To learn whether alcohol use in adults predicts later changes in personality traits, researchers pooled data on 39,722 respondents from six longitudinal surveys conducted in Germany, Australia, and the U.S. (mean age, 52; 54% women). Long-term alcohol abuse can also lead to Alcohol Amnesic Syndrome, causing short-term memory loss and a lack of concentration. Analyses adjusted for baseline personality trait score, age, sex, race/ethnicity, and the length of follow-up time. Addiction not only changes personality but also has a significant effect on the victim’s personal and professional relationships, as well as other essential aspects of life. Over time, drug and alcohol abuse alter critical brain activity and trick the brain into prioritizing the substance over everything else. There is no doubt that drug use can cause personality changes. An already fragile personality cracks down when alcohol is added and they soon start to act as when they are sick. The effects of alcohol on the brain are more serious than memory loss and blurred vision. Alcohol has many effects on the body and can potentially damage the brain. There is debate as to existence of an addictive personality and the traits that are often associated with it. Because the brain is consumed by drugs or alcohol, an individual’s personality drastically changes. Much has been written about the changes which take place in alcoholics as the disease progresses (Jellinek, 1960; Polich et al., 1981; Royce, 1981). Depressants like alcohol, marijuana or benzodiazepines can lead to depression, apathy, and even some dementia. Learn more here. Alcohol can also be a trigger to start manic episodes, wich are a really great personality changer. The long-term effects of alcohol on your brain March 12, 2018. When gripped by addiction, be it drug or alcohol related, victims often present a totally different personality; nothing like what they used to be before the addiction took over. This can lead to issues with making decisions, problem-solving, controlling impulses, as well as overall personality changes.
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