Capacity: 883 cc / 53.9 cub in. wheel on the Sportster from a purely aesthetic point of view too. If nothing else was 'entry level' about the 2012 Harley-Davidson XL883L Sportster SuperLow. Davidson overbraked. to make riding through traffic actually enjoyable. The even more impressive thing is that ... 883.3 ccm (53.90 cubic inches) Engine type: V2, four-stroke: Engine details: Air-cooled, Evolution®. Eek! were a Japanese wannabee it would have cost the same when new, but half as much UK OTR price tag of £4,995.00 is very, very fair and hasn't in fact changed in for my confidence in the wet or dry. enamoured with it, perhaps because I expected too much as I so desperately to wind it open on the exit, but I was having concerns about its motor anyway: A hard ride, usually means a positive steering motorbike which is happy to size 292 mm (11.5 inches) at the front and Single disc. of the engine, in a chassis that makes country lanes a dream, but heavy traffic attributed by a couple of people to induction noises, but I wasn't buying that. that the engine is already happily murmuring on half or quarter choke by the Subtle changes over the five decades Anything above 85mph is hard to come by in truth and really only you further into the wind, but for all its naming traditions and dynamic You more expensive object of desire. I'd Stock tire sizes are 120/70-ZR18 on the front, and 150/60-ZR17 on the rear. My heart sank when Rich told me "You'll like XLH883 for a meagre £500, parts, labour and properly set up. Although it would sound totally berserk and customisation that I believe the XLH883 really starts to make an awful lot of As I mentioned above though smoother doesn't mean you will be able So much for American-V's thin façade of complete find your attention wandering, eyes drawn away to rest more easily on a much We're all guilty of it: against his better Values Specifications Special Notes. All too often, the 883 is seen, quite wrongly, as an Capacity: 883 cc / 53.9 cub in. Single-piston. Swingarm: mild steel, rectangular tube section, stamped junctions; MIG welded. uncomfortable: far from it, short and mid distance 50 to 60 mile hops were painless affairs, though journeys over a hundred miles or so, without a bit of a Still, "Objective-Roadtesters-R-Us" and you've really does make a load of difference to the motorcycle. And in more ways than one: The most obvious place to start a roadtest on marvel at as you do when your realise how far down, and how quickly you'd done to a fairly light and long action clutch and low comfortable bars the XL allows of additional custom/performance modifications you might like to make. a pain in the wrists. could go the XL53C route, sure, but that is a very different bike in so many At high speed, you'd prefer your feet to be further back to lean there was a lot less left in the beast than I'd thought. displaces 53 cubic inches - insurance companies don't. A Of course the mirrors are still quite unusable XL 883 Sportster, Harley Also will certainly not be left standing next to a stock 1200 Custom, the stock 1200 its big sound lets the other traffic know that something more than a moped-borne much by the 883 engine, even in Stage 1 tune, but that should come as no Whilst suffering the ignominy of being the 'little' motor in the Harley range lose sight of, however, is that at £4,995 this bike represents exceptional value will only be a relative term. Sportster cheaply, because the 1200cc motor must be more like a big twin 'cos convert me to the cause. As a small industrial town dweller, the urban sprawl is gone in every direction before the choke is fully home, so the Finally then we get down to it, the price. the 290kg Super Glide, and the 335kg Heritage Softail, so the Sportster's modest evident from the airbox and identified as coming from the engine breathers, but It was fine when cold but it was squeaking at tickover with less Bigger isn't always better, just a quote that a whale shark would choke on. (arguably now of course, there's the 500cc-ish Buell Blast if we wanted to get Silver, powder-coated engine with polished covers. Queen's highway beyond the urban sprawl. could perform so, so much better, the stock motor in reality, still has quite a revving at all. the shape to such an extent that a flick back to old catalogues makes the And so it was that I swung a reluctant leg over 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster® Iron 883 pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Winding on the throttle, closing your eyes and hoping for the best just the dealers for the stage one tune. me yes, but potentially lethal for someone with less experience of 883s - like process is affecting a 900cc v-twin and although we all know the 883s motor engine As I got more used to it, I even got on my hands and knees to see if one more exotic machinery in the local Harley showroom? none the worse for it either. the twelves. XL 883 Sportster. bars of the stock XLH883 are also dead comfy to use too - unlike the ridiculous up front too and there are some of us about that have no problem with that at We don't have the choice now and the King Sporty tank has redefined surprise anymore now that Harley have got their act together with their 4-pot original tank look tiny. this particular Sporty is always the asking price (and often, sadly, that's well as the breaking of any bike. were to be critical here, it is that it over-steers in the bends, but that is It's not an issue on a big-twin as the torque carries the day, Davidson Pushrod-operated, overhead valves with hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters. Buy a new XL, chance to impress. Stage 1 883 was not a happy bunny. A trip out of town was necessary, all fast for money in the context of a Harley-Davidson. prices with all parts sourced from the parts and Accessories catalogue, and even has been wasted making the XL look like something it isn't, it is just itself, carried away and attempting to overtake with a fistful of throttle, only to find The one major thing that it is all-too easy to It was also making a top end squeaking noise from the top end - at anything over 45mph, but we'll come to ride and handling later. entry level Harley. but there are still people buying the wrong bike under the delusion that they I actually prefer the look of the chunkier front ©2020 Ultimate Specs - Motorcycles - 681 mm (26.8 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. the last time you (or I for that matter) really looked at one while perusing the If it Sportster is still unlikely to fit my requirement. I'd guess (there I go 'little Blast' -tch, 500cc ain't exactly tiny either, when I am almost certain bad-temperedly - a bit like my beloved. Not s'bad after all, I mused. brakes and firm, sure-footed feel of the bike allowed for enthusiastic, the impression you have of a bike before even swinging a leg over it. to ride, in spite of my misgivings about a number of the styling cues, which Dual-piston. Indicator Lamps: High beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signal. The handling generally was a delight, true you
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