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2011 fender american standard telecaster specs
In 1960, we offered rosewood as the standard fingerboard wood and launched the Telecaster Custom, an elegant model with a double-bound body and 3-ply pickguard. The rosewood 'board offers a less slinky … The Fat 50's didn't show up until the 2012 models. Fender American Standard Telecaster Looking at a couple of hundred bucks in the other direction from the Standard, is Fender’s very own American Standard Telecaster. March – Flame Top Telecaster, Antique Burst – An American Standard Tele in Antique Burst with gold hardware and a flame maple top – classy! Click 'more' to see a demo video and the specs… With the exception of the strap buttons mine is completely stock. I've got a 2011 Am Standard. While some players are happy to get the Standard and upgrade the pickups, others may prefers to just spend the money on an American. The American Original ‘60s Telecaster … $1,799.99 $1,799.99 April – Brown’s Canyon Telecaster, Natural – A lacquer Telecaster … By the way, I snagged this … This is the three color sunburst model in Ash. This is my 2011 60th Anniversary Fender American Standard Telecaster. The Telecaster, by nature, was - and remains - the Fender workhorse, and in comparison to the American Standard Strat, it seems almost primitive. Great Alnico V stock pickups on the 2011 model, though. I really like these pups.
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