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20 reasons why summer is the best season
Summer is believed to be a time of relief for some people who suffer migraines, sleep disorders and skin problems such as psoriasis. Songs About Being 17Grey's Anatomy QuotesVine Quotes4 Leaf CloverSelf Respect, 1. Also, shirtless guys. Many of you may be wondering why this is a good thing, but trust me, it is. We’ve all had one and you have to admit they are fun. Concerts in the summer are 10x better than concerts in any other season, especially because of country concerts. We all know that because of this global pandemic, events and social gatherings are looking different this year. 17. There is so much to explore when we get the chance to step outside and take in the summer sun. Winter is cold and snow is not my friend, and spring and fall are okay and all but they are not warm enough and do not compare to summer at all. Taking advantage of the lighter evenings means that there is more time to spend with your loved ones or trying something new. During the day, there are fun activities such as: swimming, sports, picnics, and barbeques. Time off school for the kids. Both days allow you to catch up with family and to enjoy a deserved day out or long weekend away. Family day trips. You have to love sitting around a bonfire making s’mores. Longer days. 30. This isn’t something you can do all year round! And since the pandemic is spiking again people are going to need to find something to do while not going out. From canoeing to paddle boarding there is so much to enjoy on the water when the sun is shining. Driving with the windows down. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Even though JMU is the all time best school ever (Go Dukes! What better invitation to get out and enjoy the great outdoors? 2. We get the chance to see butterflies, birds and animals in their full glory. Read on for 30 reasons why we love summer! Not having to wake up at 7 for your 8am may be one of the best feelings ever. I love spending days by the pool reading a good book or hiking in the evening when the weather cools off. Nothing beats dipping your feet into the sea for the first time that year and instantly feeling relaxed – and it’s even better when your four-legged family members can join in the fun too! The flavour gives you a perfect taste of one of the best seasons. There’s just such a good feeling that comes with being able to drive around town with the windows down and playing country music through the radio. 21 June marks this year’s longest day! The forests are packed full of flowers and plants in full bloom. 1. Even though JMU is the all time best school ever (Go Dukes! Oftentimes, Thanksgiving gets overpowered by Black Friday sales. For example, when your partner says, "Surprise! The chance to relax. Ever since I can remember, summer was always the highlight of every year. I still watch the Country Music Awards faithfully each year. Summer. The smell of burgers, hot dogs, and steaks that come from a barbecue is one of the best summer experiences! When blue skies appear you know that summer is here! These 8 shows will make your Quarantine-Friendly Thanksgiving break fun! Here’s a few reasons why it is truly the best season of all time. Finally, lazy days in the sun just can’t be beaten! If vacation was in a less harsh season, for instance, autumn, people would like this season more. Opt for a Golden Oak cabin, fire up the gas barbecue, and get cooking! Do I have to mention this obvious one? 15. This year, let's make an effort to appreciate what we are grateful for. The water. 3. There are so many bike trails all over the UK and around our locations. All our favourite fruits are in their prime season; from strawberries to pineapples, passion fruit to watermelons. Ask your best friend these basic questions to see just how well they know you. For a better experience on our web site enable Javascript in your browser.
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