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10 things that drain your creativity
20 Productive Ways to Use the Time, 30 Best Productivity Books You Should Read To Boost Your Productivity, 15 Best SlideShares to Make You Smarter, Happier and Great in Business, How to Focus on Yourself and Accomplish Your Goals in Life, How to Take Notes: 3 Effective Note-Taking Techniques, How To Be Perfect If You Feel Ashamed of Your Flaws, 9 Things Successful People Do To Always Get What They Want, blue has been said to illicit productivity, Warmer rooms actually make people more productive. That’s right, for all the obstacles you feel are in your way and block your creativity, it’s often the things you say to yourself that have the biggest impact and keep you stuck. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. But I've done most of the things on this list recently. I wish you a peaceful, happy and productive weekend. Thank you. I hope however that these simple steps might help shift you towards a more creative space when you are feeling creatively uninspired. Stop that. Shut off your phone, close those extra tabs on your web browser, and focus in on the things that are really important. Find Inspiration From Other Industries Always think the way you've always thought. Hello my name is Charlie (my nickname actually). It’s another very hot day. 5 creativity drainers and 5 easy ways to chase them away. Eyes 24-36 inches from the computer screen. Lifehacker puts it this way: Try thinking of 10 cities. 4. But I’ve done most of the things on this list recently. Today I’d like to share with you 10 things you probably say to yourself that block your creativity. Then, try to think of 10 cities near your hometown. It is so very true everyone has opinions about your creativity and what will work and what will not work. So what to do ? Overall, creativity is one of the most important elements to living your life. Here are 21 suggestions to help you kill your creativity. Getting into creative flow can disrupt your life. And the only idea I had today was to write down the 10 things that kill my creativity. You think why bother, it’s all too hard. Creativity is our imagination coming to life. No guiding hand on … The name Gingham Red combines two of my favourite things – gingham fabric and the color red. Like so many, I’ve experienced it 1st hand. Thanks, it’s made me stop to think today! So I didn't feel very creative today. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The truth is creativity is like anything else: you have to make time for it. I found they made the world of difference when I have felt low. Lavender – Helps to relax you during a stressful work day, Citrus (any) – Wakes you up  and lifts your spirits. Required fields are marked *. Here is my list of the top 5 creativity drainers. The question itself is designed to drain creativity from your bones. Fear of disruption. 30 New Things To Do Today, 5 Points of Resistance in Pursuing Your Dreams, 10 Brilliant Business Books You Can Read To Find Your Shortcut To Success, 12 Things Incredibly Creative Minds Do Differently, 15 Easy Ways To Stay Productive Used By 15 Designers, 15 Office Design Tricks That Will Increase Your Productivity at Work, 8 Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle That Get You to Live With Less, How to Make Time Go Faster When You’re Having a Bad Time, 8 Essential Project Management Skills for Productive Work, What to Do in Free Time? Your ideas don't have to be perfect in order to be effective. Very helpful thoughts! The top of the monitor should be below or at eye-level. While it is nice to have hot weather this is too much. We have been experiencing the longest series of days over 35 degree Celsius in Melbourne these past two weeks. 7. Then analytically select the most promising logical past approach and apply it to the problem, excluding all other possibilities. 3. There are many ways to relax and unwind, freeing up your mind for better creativity. These ideas are quick and easy to do. 6. By relaxing, you rejuvenate your mind and creativity flows naturally. Here are 21 suggestions to help you kill your creativity. It’s affected my creativity and the desire to take new photographs, stitch or sew something new. A slightly reclined chair posture is best to reduce pressure on your spine and minimize lower back pain. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Writers know the feeling of a writer’s block: forced imageries, that slight and awkward change in style, words being eked out just to say that something is written. Creativity keeps us going and shows us how truly unique we are. Jolted thinking is based on the simple fact that freedom often hinders creativity. “When people come to Stanford and come to … Denying your own creativity is like denying you’re a human being. If you love flowers, drinking tea, gardening, cooking, gingham fabrics and embroidery especially cross stitch then you are in the right place. Here are 5 ways that have helped improve my creativity when I have struggled. All Rights Reserved. How do you get yourself into a positive state of mind. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Insisting on Perfectionism. Environments that stifle creativity: An uncomfortable, distracting space is going to result in distracted and uninspired work.It’s important to create one that encourages your creativity rather than stifles it. Thank you for stopping by see you again soon! Your brain, just like your muscles, needs to be worked out from time to time; exercising your brain allows your creativity levels Learn to Relax. Feet should be on a foot rest or resting on the floor. 7 Reasons Why a Life Without Purpose is Unfulfilling, How to Make Changes in Life To Be the Best Version of You, 17 Ways for Building Resilience and Staying Tough, What Should I Do Today?
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